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Just another motivational speech on it’s way. Nope.

This piece is about changing your directionality.. and doing it quickly. Do not wait to pass GO to collect your $200.. make a hard decision and then go on to reap the benefits and rewards of your decisions.

So often we “accept” rather than ask the critical question of “How is this (thing/ persona/ position) serving me?”.. Life is actually very black and white.. so when we ask this straight forward question to ourselves, innately we know our answers. Once we know our answers, we then need the courage to change our directionality.

As the great Napoleon Hill said.. without Clearly Defined Purpose you are going no where…

This all start by using our “Brake Pedal”…

In a society that always has its foot on the gas, taking time to hit the brakes and reflect will give you those moments of clarity you need to make A+ decisions as they relate to your life.

When was the last time you had a personal “moment of silence”…. by this I mean just sat and listened to the birds, the sounds of nature, the sounds of your home or office… while being “unplugged” from tech and your racing mind?

When was the last time you took a day off midweek to recharge… a mental health day?

The mind works best in silence and peace.. meditation and eastern thinking has promoted this way of being since the beginning.. but we as American’s work with such vigor and tenacity we often lose ourselves in our own process and world… that is only “real to us”…

When you are running and over-thinking you lose your feel, your gut, your intuition and that internal compass starts spinning in circles.. hit the brakes. With each day that passes in this state it becomes harder and harder to get back to baseline… often leading to chronic states of anxiety and depression.. and negative acceptance of a life we do not even enjoy..

This “hitting the brakes” theory goes beyond just your mind… I am a believer in using the brakes for a full analysis of the self… from food intake to daily activity… Can you even remember your last meal? How it tasted? What it consisted of? Home cooked or dining out? How could we make a change if we lack the awareness of what we are doing minute to minute?

We have drifted so far away from “home-base” that we are acting as programmed robots rather than informed leaders of our own life.

Hit the brakes and you may realized why you have that 10 extra pounds, why you have minimized your friend count and why your personal relationship with a spouse is not where it should be… hit the brakes.

If you are always on the go, without time to unplug yourself, you will always find yourself in a state of “chase”…. the unfortunate part is that even if you do reach your “peak”… the chances of you falling down the mountainside once you wake up are much higher due to your loss of reality and forgetting to put on your oxygen mask. #livelikeapro #hitthebrakes

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