You won’t read another Personal development book after you read this!

Stop reading those personal development books! Actually throw them all out and burn them! Yes I said throw them out and burn them if you want to succeed!

I started reading personal development books when I joined my 1st network marketing company.

I brought them all and read them all! Trying to expand my mind and build the most positive mindset known to mankind.

Then I started to meet businessmen who never read books or went to college, they just made the decision to execute and learn as they went on.

Now I may of been alittle harsh to said throw your personal development books out, but more importantly stop reading them and start executing.

It all clicked for me at Army Airborne School. I hate heights but I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime! I was about to jump out of a perfectly safe aircraft.

Reality settle in. My mind told me “WTF! Dude we hate heights! Sit back down or you are going to die!” My mind flashed all the things that could go wrong with me that will ultimately led me to my death 💀.

On the outside I was smiling but on the inside I was scared to death and knew for sure I would die.

“10 minutes!”





OK!” “OK!” “OK!” “OK!”



At this moment all the personal development books I read didn’t do nothing for me! But God spoke to me and calmed me down.



The 1st jumper disappeared and I thought surely he is died

The 2nd jumper disappeared and I thought surely he is died

The 3rd jumper disappeared and I thought surely she is died..

I am about 10–15 people back and everyone who I saw jumped surely died

It came to me. I turned in the door way and jumped out. Closed my eyes 👀 and counted. I was alive.

However, I had a twist in lines so my training kicked in and I untwist myself.

It was actually pretty peaceful and the landing was not as bad as I thought 💭!

I had to do it 4 more times to graduate and guess what I graduated !

Overall, I learned it doesn’t matter how many personal development books you read. The real power is in the execution of what you read.

If you read only personal development that is enough, now start executing what you read!

When I coach many of clients they are able to quote the authors and know all the positive sayings but they have not executed what they read.

Would you like to start executing that life changing information in your life?

Then… DO IT NOW!

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