Your 5 Step Guide to Surviving The Fitness Holiday Struggle

If you’re freaking out for the holidays and your fitness plan, I have some good news for you. The holidays don’t have to undue all the hard work you put in this year!

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I know myself, I’m going for dinner and I just won’t be able to say no”?

You just can’t resist the pumpkin pies or those delicious cinnamon rolls, but you try and you try, finally you CAVE… You have, then two, and maybe a third

Then comes the guilt!

But you saw this coming, right? Because you know yourself! Well stop trying to fight to it and

Step # 1 is to Manage Your Expectations

Allow yourself to indulge. If you know you won’t be ‘on your diet’ setting an expectation for yourself that you will is only going to lead to disappointment. Add the buffer so you don’t have to deal with the guilt.

The holidays can be GREAT — time off from work, the holiday parties, sleeping in… but then there’s the endless meals and gifts and drinks. But it’s important to remember

Step #2 Look at the big picture: It’s only TWO weeks

Two weeks any other time of the year go by in cinch! The holidays are no different! Two weeks won’t make your fitness plan and two weeks WON’T break your fitness plan.

Don’t write off December

I’m big on planning

I plan everything! Planning reduces my stress and allows me to be more present in social interactions and quality time with friends and family

Step #3 Plan Your Holiday

Take 20 mins of this coming week PLAN the last three weeks of the year. Every party, every dinner out, and every cheat meal. Know which are write offs and which you can manage properly.

Also plan your workouts. Have a set schedule and remember missing 3–4 workouts over the course of a year isn’t big deal. Well the flip side is true as well going to the gym 3 or 4 hours over the holidays isn’t a big deal either. You can find the time and make it work.

You’re off for 10–12 days, what’s 3–4 hours of that week?

There are 4–5 days that are actual holidays not 15…. You can make time during the holidays to get in a workout. Even if it’s not a full 60-minute workout, get in a 20-min workout.

Ok so you’re probably thinking, all of this is great, I’ll plan, I won’t have any guilt and it’s only two weeks, but what do I actually do when I’m the dinners. I can’t NOT eat

Step #4 Know What To Do During Meal Time

Here’s a couple of tips that won’t compromise the meal and no one will ever know you’re still on your diet

1) Start with a healthy dish: At the beginning of the night BEFORE you get lost in conversation. Before you start having a few drinks, start the night off with a healthy hors d’eouvres to sustain your hunger and minimize your overeating.

2) Eat on a small plate — you’re less likely to overeat if you eat on a small plate rather than a large one.

3) Drink water -Your body has a hard time distinguishing between thirst and hunger, add in alcohol which dehydrates your body, you can easily mistake one for the other, so make sure to stay hydrated.

Lastly, it’s a nice time of year, most people are in a better mood, surrounded by friends and family and looking back on the year that was…

So, remember to

Step #5 Enjoy Yourself This Holiday Season

You work hard all year, winter can be long — There’s no point in working hard if you can’t enjoy yourself!

Happy holidays