Your competitors are unique. And so are you.

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In the online space it’s easy to succumb to Comparisonitis.

A disease that begins with an acute case of ‘Why is hers so much better than mine?’ and continues for months of chronic ‘I’m not good enough. Everyone is better at this than me.’

Except it’s not true.

Comparisonitis is all in your head.

Which means the only person that can make you better, is YOU.

There’s no magic pill.

But if you’re suffering right now, there is hope.

The cure for overcoming Comparisonitis is believing in your unique brilliance.

Every single one of us is different. You know that already, of course. We all have different personalities, different fingerprints, different iris patterns and different DNA.

So why is it so difficult to see these unique differences when talking about our work in the online world?

Having the title of health coach, copywriter or sales funnel expert doesn’t suddenly make you exactly the same as all the other health coaches, copywriters or sales funnel experts.

I always remember my English teacher at college saying something along the lines of: ‘No words in history are ever put in exactly the same order.’ Being the pedantic 17 year old that I was, I desperately tried to figure out a way to prove him wrong. And of course, you could say that some things are said or written the same each day, like: ‘How are you? I’m fine thank you.’ But even those words are uttered with different intonation and with entirely different thought patterns.

So, you see, just because you appear to have an identical job title, job description or the same group of ideal clients, this does not make you the same as your competitors.

You are unique.

They are unique.

And once you embrace this notion of uniqueness, a whole new world opens up for you.

Suddenly you can see the strengths and beauty in those you thought were ‘out to steal your clients’ or ‘copy your work’.

Suddenly you can see your own incredible gifts and talents, brought about by all your billions of tiny experiences every single day on this Earth.

Coming from a place of gratitude and knowing you are 100% aligned to your inner truth means that you get to shine brilliantly as the best version of you, and your competitors get to do the same.

And together we rise.

Smart, incredible, amazing women lifting each other up to make the world a shinier, happier, sparklier place.

Are you ready to leave Comparisonitis behind and shine brilliantly as the unique soul you were born to be?

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Lorraine xx

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