Your Principles Actually Determine Your Value (Not Your Bank Account)

While there is no easy button for success, there are some pretty obvious clues, here are 8 of them.

Mareo McCracken
Oct 8, 2018 · 5 min read

There isn’t only one simple formula for achieving success. Especially since success has so many different definitions.

The only definition that actually matters is your own.

Jeff Haden has a great approach; his idea is to ask yourself:

How happy are you?

Happiness comes and goes, joy is long term.

I think a better version is:

How much joy do you have and are you at peace?

Your personal answer determines your current level of success.

If you want success, you will pay for it.

“There are only three requirements for success. First, decide exactly what it is you want in life. Second, determine the price that you are going to have to pay to get the things you want. And third, and this is most important, resolve to pay that price.” — H.L. Hunt

To get all the success you want in life, you just need to do those these things:

1. Decide Exactly What You Want

2. Find Out The Price

3. Pay That Exact Price

The people who: decide, determine, and pay usually have some very similar traits.

Successful people (no matter their personal definition) always do a few things, they always leave a few clues.

Principles will always guide your actions, so make sure yours are the right ones.

This is what they do, these are the principles they follow:

Principle 1: Your Life Is Exactly What You Tolerate. You get what you accept. Nothing more, nothing less. Successful people know that mediocrity kills achievement. Excellence is a mindset and not a destination. The journey is about refusing to tolerate anything less than what you absolutely want. When you have decided what you will accept, your actions need to back it up. When the alignment is created, your life will change.

Principle 2: Courage Creates Confidence. Courage is action. Successful people take action. They make things happen. Successful people don’t wait to find success, they create it. By creating the success they crave through acts of courage, they end up finding all the confidence they want. When passion fuels your goals, confidence is always the byproduct. You will always have a bigger impact when you take proper action that is driven by courage.

Principle 3: Flexibility and Adaptability Are More Important Than Skills. Everything can be learned, everything can be mastered. What are you willing to be wrong for today so you can be right tomorrow? Most people are afraid of change, they are afraid of the unknown. Yet successful people welcome the fear and act with courage. They adapt and want to change. They know that change is the only recipe for sustained success.

Principle 4: Goals & Intuition Drives Decisions. Paralysis analysis is real. Too real. When you only make decisions based on the data we are bound to fail. Everyone has data. You are the only one with your own unique set of goals and intuition. Study the data but follow your heart. Risks will always be present, don’t let the risk stop you from finding your reward.

Principle 5: Strategic Plans Usually Win & Always Include Goals. A good strategy is your success outlined and put on paper. A good strategy is a dream mapped out. A real strategy is the goals you have with the steps needed to take to accomplish them. Successful people are guided by goals and strategy, not by techniques. This helps them focus while also giving them a plan to follow. When you have a plan you can adjust. When you don’t have a plan, you are not adjusting, you are just falling and failing.

Principle 6: Growth Comes From Experience. You must do, learn, and adjust. Then you will grow. They understand that failure is a massive part of success. Successful people know that failure is the foundation of learning for success. Fear and fear of failure are the only things that make dreams impossible. Once you have the necessary experience you can overcome any obstacle.

Principle 7: Hard Work Only Is Valuable When You Believe In What You Are Building. They work to build something they truly believe in. If you want to be massively successful, you need to passionate about what you do. Your heart must be aligned with your head. Your values and principles must be aligned with your goals. There will always be major roadblocks. It takes serious grit to overcome the setbacks that will hit you. You need to create a reason and that reason will you give the endurance you need to accomplish your dreams.

Principle 8: Self-Awareness Drives Better Behavior. When you know who you are, you are able to show yourself to other people. You will be able to build trust because you can be vulnerable and transparent. You will always be focused on the right things because you stop caring about what others think about you and start focusing on the ways in which you can help them. You will set better goals and create better relationships.

Belief is everything.

You are the one who determines your success, it is a choice.

The average person dreams of success, but successful people choose success.

The choice to be successful, to follow your passion, to follow your heart - is built upon the foundation of belief.

Once you believe you can do something, then everything else will fall into place.

The problem is belief doesn’t come from thinking, it comes from doing!

Take action and the belief will follow. Believe in yourself first by taking the proper action, the actions that align your principles to your goals.

Success doesn’t happen by accident; you can get lucky though. When you work hard, stay true to the correct principles, and help others — over and over again, you have a great chance at creating all the success you can handle.

Keep going. All it takes to change the world is for one person to care, make that person you.

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