You’re a Solopreneur. Get to Know the Voice of Your Business.

Stacy Vajta
Feb 6 · 4 min read
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If you’re a coach, a healer or a creative, chances are it’s just you out there, doing your thing. You’re a solopreneur — or better yet, a soulpreneur — because what you do is intricately tied to who you are.

I spend a lot of time talking with people whose work fits into this category. And in the course of our work together, I get them talking to their business.

Yeah, you read that right... talking to their business.

They get out of their heads and into their intuitive imagination, and they get to know their business. “Who” their business is beyond them: its personality, its essence, its way of moving through the world, how it speaks, what it needs to thrive, and what it wants to say.

And most people? They begin the process saying their business is just like them. It is them. Their business thinks like them, has the same concerns as them, and wants to shout out to the world all the things they think they need to be saying… to sell.

But then they realize, that isn’t necessarily true.

Your business has a clear guiding voice all its own.

If you’re confused about what you do, how to do it, who to do it for or why things aren’t happening, learning to recognize and work with the voice of your business will guide you into clarity.

This voice is not all in your head or just your imagination. It’s your inner wisdom speaking about you and your work. By getting out of your head and letting your business speak, you hear more of the truth of what you’re doing and how to do it.

And when you’re stuck with your work — nothing’s happening and you feel lost — what you think and what your business has to say about the problem, are often miles apart.

An example…

I was working with a woman who wanted to understand how to get her coaching business off the ground. There were lists of to-dos. Big, long lists. The energy around her work was tense, frantic at times. Hustle became rigidity, which created overwhelm, which sparked panicked hustle because this list of to-dos was supposed to make her successful.

Her head said: all of this is important. I need to hustle. This is how it works. I just have to figure out how to manage this. And looking on, it was easy to feel this tension in just about everything she put out there.

In taking a step back to get to know her business and what it needed, she was surprised to see it as laid back; spiritual. It wasn’t woo-woo spiritual but it embodied a pearl of grounded spiritual wisdom. Her business knew her craft — her skill — but the voice of her biz was soft, open, inviting, and trusting. Simple even.

There wasn’t an inch of frantic hustle in there. And without out that energy, a strong message and simplified direction came through.

It was as if she met her business like a person, and could sense these qualities. She could feel a more grounded clarity when looking at her work through this lens.

The discrepancies between how she was approaching her work, and what her business needed to thrive, became evident. And, the more she embodied this energy that her business possessed — and speak of her work from this voice — the more attractive her work became to others.

Get to know the voice of your business. Your work.

When you’re a solopreneur, you rely on your own guidance and direction a lot. It’s easy to feel lost; unsure of what you’re doing and how best to do it.

And there is a best… a best way for you to do, speak and manage your business.

Most people jump into the business of running their business before creating clarity around this more energetic side of what they do. They haven’t fully understood their own value, the beliefs that drive their work, how they need to show up to their work, and this voice that reflects all of that to those who are ready to listen.

Listening for the voice of your business takes practice. Coming into trust with what it has to say requires you to let go and build a relationship with your inner wisdom.

But when you do, you have a guide whose voice is loud and clear; one you can trust and follow. It will always steer you toward what feels aligned, right, and true for you.

That voice becomes your own, too. The voice of your work. The voice that best reflects who you are and what you do. A voice that resonates loud and clear.

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Stacy Vajta

Written by ~ Get clarity, then do your thing. Find your voice; claim who you are and what you’re here to do. Helping you do that is my thing.

Thrive Global

More than living. Thriving.

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