You’re Not a Tree!

You can move and change — really!

As we move into the darkness of winter and leaves fall from trees, it may be time for us to look at what we carry day to day, and see if it’s time also to shed, to be more introspective and to make the changes that enable us to spring into our best self. This is the time to dig down and find out who we really are, and what we need to thrive.

Here’s some suggestions to uncover and discover who and how you are, and what you want to become. It maybe lead to just a tweaking of something here and there, or a more radical change — an uprooting — a job or lifestyle change. Winter is the time to think and plan, ready for the activity and blossoming of Spring. Ready?

1. We need to know exactly where we are — right now. Where we are stuck — in detail. I find it more effective to use pen and paper to do this, rather than the computer or tablet.

To be most effective, the lists are made under different headings, i.e. I’m stuck physically here, I’m stuck Intellectually here, I’m stuck emotionally here. I’m stuck intellectually here. I’m stuck spiritually here, and so on, and include any other heading that works for you… relationships, family career, life-skills. Then underneath each heading, jot down your feelings and thoughts about each one. It’s amazing how clarifying just these lists can be!

2. Take another sheet of paper and divide it down the middle. One side at the top, write Plus Energy, on the other side write Minus Energy. Underneath each side make a list of all the people you come in contact with on a regular basis who add to your energy, and who take energy from you.

3. This can be the hardest part, but it’s worth the effort. Make a list of the things you do, or say to yourself, which give you energy, and which deplete your energy. For instance, do you really need to see the 11 p.m. news? Do you munch on candy or drink more than a glass of wine each evening, making you feel draggy in the morning? What do you say to yourself when you do your workout, and when you don’t?

4. Next sheet of paper. List the numbers, 1–52 one line for each, right underneath each other 1–52 When that’s done, next to each number, write down one small thing that you can commit to do each week to move the Minus Energy item over to the Plus side.For instance, if you have a friend who, although is seemingly a very nice and kind person,somehow always makes you feel ‘less than’ after you’ve seen her or him, then decide what you’re going to do about this. You might not want to give up the friendship totally, but instead of meeting for dinner, maybe you meet for a movie, and there’s less time for toxic talk. Even deciding to make this small conscious change a week can totally change the way you interact with life and allow joy to return.

5. Using the fantastic power of the subconscious mind to make changes, allows us to re-program the ‘blueprint’ of habits and self talk that no longer serves us well. Meditation or self-hypnosis allows access to this valuable resource for change.

  • Find a quiet time and space — you’ll need to be somewhere quiet, with no interruptions for about 5–10 minutes.
  • Relax in a comfy chair, close your eyes and begin to follow your breathing, counting from 1–20 as you follow each out-breath allow your body to relax starting with the top of your head and moving down to your toes. Don’t worry about it being perfect — just allow — and follow your breath.
  • At the number 20 imagine yourself in a place where you feel safe and joyful. A beach? a garden? A favorite chair at home? Whatever works for you.
  • While there, visualize you being the best you can be with the changes you have chosen to make for yourself. Watch yourself in that space, notice how good you look, how you move when you’re feeling your best.
  • Feel the smile inside
  • Bring yourself gently back to full awareness by counting from 10–1. Enjoy!

By the way, it doesn’t have to be perfect — there’s no wrong way of doing this. You can now use self-hypnosis to invent the life you want — a life of joy, peace, accomplishment and healthy relationships

Finally, decide where you’re going to put your 52-week promise sheet. Somewhere where it will be seen every day.It will be a reminder to celebrate life, your time on this planet, and the magnificent human being that you are! One small change at a time.

Until soon…..

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