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Capturing the Land of Giants

My name is Rehan Akhtar and I am a volunteer photographer, who is on a quest to capture the amazing landscapes of Pakistan’s spell binding northern areas since 2008.

Being a photographer in Pakistan comes with it’s own hardships. The terrain is harsh and the road network unreliable. Then there are travelling and equipment costs which makes it an expensive hobby. But the outcome makes it worth the effort.

I believe that a picture is formed in your head, before you click your camera. Capturing these each landscape, it felt like God took special attention creating every single one of them, and reminds me why these areas are called heaven on Earth?

I am sharing some of my work below. Please also visit my facebook page for more details.

Shangri-La, Skardu.

Shangri-La is probably the most famous spot in Skardu region providing unmatched scenery. The lake is called Shanri-La lake or lower Kachura Lake.

Traveling towards the “land of giants” Deosai plateau from Skardu. Deosai is the second highest plateau on earth after Tibet of China.
A Siberian migratory bird in Deosai plains, flying to meet it’s flock. Thousands of birds migrate from Siberia and rest at Deosai plains in winters.
Full moon night on Lake Saif-ul-Muluk. The picture unveils the myth of 14th night of moon above the lake as the stories narrating fairies visiting the lake that night.
Sheosar lake in Deosai plains. Autumn in Deosai provides the most heart touching scenes in Gilgit-Baltistan region. The sunshine feels like the greatest blessing at the height of 4000m above sea level, in freezing cold winds.

Copy rights for all the pictures belong to Rehan Akhtar.

Rehand Akhtar submitted this blog post as a part of our facebook competition.

Through Our Lens

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Through Our Lens

WWF-Pakistan’s Photo Blog

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