EWU Former Football Player Shot 11 Times

By Miranda Harsin, 1/25/17

Alden Gibbs Jr. was shot at Pioneer Square in Seattle, WA.

A former Eastern Washington University (EWU) football player was shot 11 times last Monday morning in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

Police in the area at the time said they saw a dispute in progress outside a nightclub. As the officers got closer they saw a man draw a gun on Alden Gibbs Jr. and shoot him multiple times.

“Alden and his sister were out having a good time in the Pioneer Square area Sunday evening into Monday morning. Alden stood up for a young woman and the man ended up shooting Alden in the back 11 times,” Tanya Rodriguez, a close friend of Gibbs, said.

Police said that the suspected assailant, Jaron Lamar Cox, tried to flee the crime scene but was quickly caught. Cox was arrested for suspicion of assault.

Cox is now being held in King County Jail for the duration of the investigation. His bail is currently set at $300,000.

“I know a bullet hit his elbow, thighs, back and upper chest area”

Gibbs is now recovering at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and it has been reported by KREM 2 News that he will probably have trouble walking when he wakes up.

“He’s had multiple surgeries one to repair his elbow and one on his heart to remove bullet fragments. He has internal bleeding in his stomach and legs from the bullet wounds and they have been draining them daily,” Rodriguez said.

Gibbs’s “YouCaring.com” account has raised more than $29,000 to pay for his medical expenses and other financial needs.

“It has not yet been confirmed if he will ever walk again but they are hopeful. He has been having a very hard recovery this last week due to all the surgeries and pain medication but he is fighting everyday,” Rodriguez said.

Impact on a university

A graduate from Eastern Washington University, Gibbs was a member of the basketball team and also played football as a defensive back when his team won the Fox College Sports National Championship in 2010.

“Losing a friend, a teammate, someone who you practiced with, trained with. It would be really, really hard. When you spend that much time with each other they kinda become your family,” Hannah Galbraith, member of Whitworth’s swim team, said.

When an event like this happens, universities usually have their ways of dealing with it. Most of the time it involves the university providing grief counseling for students.

“I know us (Whitworth) being a private Christian school, a lot of prayer requests get sent out from Beck Taylor anytime something like this happens,” Alison Braddock, sophomore at Whitworth University, said.

Is Seattle safe for students?

Gun violence: a growing epidemic.

According to areavibes.com, the overall crime rate in Seattle is 114 percent higher than the national average and the chance of being a victim of any crime is 1 in 17.

Just in the past year, Seattle has had 22,874 counts of theft, 9,764 counts of assault, 7,279 counts of burglary, and 3,176 counts of vandalism.

In 2014, the direct medical costs from gunshot wounds in Seattle alone were $17 million and 70 percent ($12 million) of those costs were covered by taxpayers, according to seattle.gov.

In an effort to improve gun safety, Councilmember Tim Burgess presented two legislation pieces.

According to seattle.gov, the first piece of legislation would put a tax on the people selling ammunition and firearms in Seattle. The second piece of legislation would require the necessary reporting of a stolen or lost firearm to the Seattle Police Department.

Both bills were approved unanimously by the Seattle Council.