Frisbees return to campus as the weather clears up

By Michael Gonzales, 3/17/2022

As the sun melts the snow, it also reveals Frisbees flying around all corners of the campus.

Spring is rolling in, and for Whitworth this means Frisbees will be in the air. These flying discs are central for success to one of the “Little Three:” getting hit in the head by a Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee has significantly impacted college campuses across the nation, as explained in an article by USA TODAY. This is shown through Whitworth’s atmosphere.

“I think that discs, ultimate Frisbees, and the game are a large part of Whitworth culture,” says Michael Harris, Whitworth alum and member of the Ultimate Frisbee Club. “You see a lot of people playing ‘frolf,’ which is Frisbee golf, around campus. We have a campus course, which is pretty awesome.”

Scattered across campus are white signs marked “Urban and disc golf.” These are hole markers for anyone who wants to play Frisbee golf, and evidence of the impact Frisbees have on the on-campus community.

“I mean, pretty much any day in the spring or the fall, you can probably catch some people outside playing. Even if it is not ultimate, if they are just tossing it, it is a regular Whitworth thing,” Harris says.

It is not just Whitworth either. Newman University published an article about the increasing popularity of frisbees on their campus and the reputation Frisbees hold in the university.



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