a confession..

there’s a story that nobody tells..

it goes on like this..

long since when.. memories
no longer lingering as much,

but not distant enough to erase..

there was this poor boy..
poor both in heart and mind..

he was there among others,
only that he wasn’t there..

it never occurred to him why,

why the things so happened to be..
in his mind..

the things he spoke, the things spoken,
till this day like dragging a dead body..

time moved on, along with
many more spectacles,

mindless to even seek for a hideout..

then, it all came to a stall..

2 years..

even then, wasn’t clear enough,
except that he was different,

much different,
and much in need..

year after year, fighting the difference,
like oil on water, black on white..

the crippled inside making its face,
crippling to shame,

every time more evident..

if there was a breath left.. to breathe in,
and to breathe out..

so much thankful was it for him..

because, that simple thing..
that everybody takes for granted,

didn’t quite make sense for him..
why.. why this life?


in one of those spectacular moments,

one that shone the brightest ever,
on the very verge of crossing..

did He grab him by his hands
and pulled him up..

his hands didn’t turn into ashes..
a burning that made Him so evident..

as He made a cross out of him..

that was it.. that was the end..
the beginning..

everything that he ever sought after..

all this long..

did he seek for an answer.. and
did he receive a touch..

one, undeniable..

one cannot be denied.. no one can..
except for Him..

but He didn’t.. He didn’t let it happen..

you see.. there is no way to deny Him..

not because who He is..
but because.. He didn’t deny me..

once.. it was about everybody..
but me..

now.. it still is..
but with me is..


so much a confession to make..
so much a courage to drag along..

at last.. thankfully.

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