Third Millennium

Open Your World to the Grandeur

Kids of tomorrow living today,
The future was always safe,
If we have a place,
It’ll be on the world's stage

Contemplating without foresight
Common error,
time’s age
First-person view looking beyond the face,
Is this our place
Anxious thinking along the way,
Humanity courses on route to grandeur
The sea spreads from the earth we love,
We leave harbor by bay

Ceremonies in daylight
without saving
Jumping years, sprung from good times
Moments craving,
Rings around our orbits
Highlights making

Do I wonder,
about the stars in the past
the questions I couldn’t ask,
The new normal that broke in,
Just like the last,
Phases coming in, coming through, out of you
It’s the mind’s glass

Tomorrow walks on sunshine
through the glass door,
Looking out through our windows
I can hear another ask for more,
I do too as would any of you
Standing on peak interest
taking what we can choose,

The world plays by grandeur
with openings and closings
Undefine like the last, Blasting,
in the motion of time
Rocking our past,
Cradling our future,
We don’t give our world an age
we’ve yet to understand its humor,
A story far out our way
well within our rightful place,
Transcending through time
This is our maneuver