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Spotify 2019 Wrapped — a design masterstroke

Exploring the Colours, UI, and Data Visualisation behind it

Why does Spotify even do the Wrapped thing?

In my opinion:

  • Second, to nudge users, to explore their own music tastes with context — it is a common conversational piece for people to enquire what kind of music someone likes but many people fumble with their choices or are concretely clear of what they like. With this kind of data presented to the user, the answers may surprise you.
  • Third, taking marketing the app beyond users of the app — Most commonly, conversations about Spotify are often limited to the fellow users of the app itself; specifically features such as sharing song/playlist links. Even if a user shares a song in his/her Instagram story, non-Spotify users might observe it and decide to listen to the song in any place they choose (eg, Youtube, Apple Music Etc.,). Further, a conversation only may ensue about the song itself.
    But, what’s the guarantee that the conversation may extend beyond the song itself and to Spotify as an app? By creating beautiful visual imagery with the Spotify Wrapped presentation and enabling people to share more about their music than just a song, Spotify is creating more room for conversations. (And, definitely hoping for more customers to get on-board and the ones on it to stay longer!)

The Share to Instagram Story feature and direct Open Spotify button is useful only for fellow users.

Exploring the Design of Spotify 2019 Wrapped

The Spotify 2019 Wrapped is available both on the mobile app and the desktop filled with gorgeous animations and succinct data visualisation. In the mobile app, it offers an Instagram-Story like scrolling system whereas in the desktop, it is the traditional top-down scrolling.

Oh, the colours!

Traditional hues such as green, pink, yellow and red all carry certain emotions associated with them. Many people refer to this as Colour Psychology.

Would you fancy a UI?

The UI of the entire presentation is stellar, fluid and minimal. By minimal, I mean to say each screen is carrying just the right amount of information. The fancy gimmicks are done just to the right levels leaving you with joy rather than confusion.

The last screen on the Desktop enabling the user to share or change the image colours

Data Viz Wizardy

Saving the best for the last. I believe the task of presenting data in an effective manner with the right amount of information and content is a tough job. It requires skill, a thorough understanding of what is going to be presented and a tonne of creativity.

A few screenshots from the mobile App with the Share Option

Overall thoughts

I believe the success of this whole presentation lies in keeping the data structured, playing with colours effectively, and using just the right amount of UI gimmicks to present the data.

Just wish Spotify gave me some filters or handles to manipulate the data to my preference. Something like a dashboard. Could’ve been more fun.

Nevertheless, eagerly looking forward to next year’s!

This is just too pretty!



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