The Futureproof Child

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. — African Proverb

Hello. Are you a parent or grandparent? If so, you may want to read on.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to safeguard our children’s future welfare. Too many things are changing too quickly to assume that the usual parental supports will be enough anymore. Getting them into the “right” school, perhaps funding some travel and helping on their first house will not set them up like it used to.

Right schools and universities no longer lead directly to the right jobs. In fact, most of the “right” jobs are being chopped up into temporary project work. Young low-budget travellers, now indistinguishable from refugees, are being treated with suspicion and sometimes worse. They are certainly exposed to more desperate people than at any time since the aftermath of WW2. Help your kids buy a place too close to the coast or with changeable weather and its value could plummet with the next superstorm or wildfire. Jobs in the area could migrate elsewhere without warning.

No doubt you will think I am overstating these issues — but really I’m not. Compared to scientific predictions, my words are conservative. But I’m a stranger, so you can’t just rely on my say-so, and rightly so.

What you do need to do is get together with people that you do trust to deal effectively with these changes — not continue to ignore them. That is why I am launching a social enterprise which provides parents and grandparents with a framework to help each other straighten out these issues once and for all, much like the way we have got together to provide junior sports and similar activities for our kids for decades. This new approach to an age-old task is called: ecoviability.

In the series of short articles that follow I analyse the key issues we face that impact on our children’s tomorrow. This includes debunking a number of false impressions and solutions widely embraced today. By the time you have read them — no more than half an hour reading in total —if you think my estimate of the situation may be close enough to reality, then please do get in touch. There is much to do and you can help us do it, as we can help you fulfil your highest aspirations as a parent.

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