1. Are you related to Thomas Jefferson?

2. 40 acres and a mule sounds like fair compensation.

3. What’s so hard about picking cotton?

4. Slavery was awful, but admit it, blacks are better off in America.

5. Slavery is old news.

6. History shows that blacks captured and sold slaves too.

7. Slaves were mostly happy.

8. 12 Years a Slave is over the top. American slavery wasn’t really that brutal.

9. My ancestors didn’t own slaves. Poor whites had it just as rough.

10. I don’t understand why the slaves didn’t just fight back.

11. The Confederate flag isn’t a symbol of racism, it just represents Southern pride.

12. We have a black president so every thing is cool now.”

13. Slavery was acceptable back then, so technically it wasn’t wrong or immoral.

14. Without slavery you’d still be living in Africa, so you should be thankful.

15. Over 600 thousand whites died in the Civil War to end slavery, so let’s just call it even.

16. After everyone watched Roots racism was pretty much over in this country.

17. Black people are always bringing up slavery. Move on already.

18. Because your ancestors survived slavery you inherited strong genes.

Dwayne Alexander Smith is a screenwriter and novelist. His first novel, Forty Acres, was published by Atria/Simon & Schuster this summer.

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