Date a girl who designs

She is the one who appreciates the beauty in the world, and still wants to change it.

She is the one who knows what’s good and what’s great, based on a fraction of visual information. She will see grids, patterns, colors, spaces, photos and typefaces that will wrap your relationship, define your conversations, and often, educate your narrow view of a world full of wide-wonders.

Date a girl who designs, because she will tell you when something looks good, but has a potential to look great.

She is difficult to impress, because she knows the arts of crafting something with your hands. She understands the print quality on a commercial Valentine’s Day Card. She admires the elaborate packaging of a box of chocolates. She stares at the subtle reflections in the ink of a printed page, on a magazine.

She will often question your choices of clothes, shoes, backpacks, wallets, ties, gloves, helmets, condoms’ boxes and bottles’ shapes.

She will see your shoes as an expression of your connection with the ground. She sees your t-shirts as a coat of arms of your personality, your hair as the distorted magnetic field of your mind; your unshaved face as noise that reduces the banding in your skin.

Girls who design often write notes on polaroids. They frame sketches. They paint with their food.

They see landscapes as asymmetric expressions of a convoluted canvas, and they take photos of them to transform this chaos into timeless memories.

They see curtains as layers of colorful fabric that can turn the daylight into sex, and night into moonlight.

Date a girl who designs, because she will talk you through her elaborate plan to craft a masterpiece.

She will rewire your brain and show you how things are more beautiful than you thought, just because you missed important clues and details in them.

Date a girl who designs, because she will not care about your bad handwriting, your poor cooking skills or your bad hair conditioner choices.

Date a girl who designs, even if you’re a designer too, because you will find the contrast you need to make your life stand out.

Because when you’re angry at a situation, bored at a meeting, depressed at the park, or just stuck in traffic, you will always find symmetry, color, or reflections in the world that she will paint in front of you.

Date a girl who designs, because she is the one who will love you and challenge you to go from good to great. Pixel by pixel.

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