Your weekly dose of erotica: Steam Room Encounters (Part 3)

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I moved carefully, exploring the swell of her inner thighs, the creases between her long smooth legs, and slowly took my fingers to separate her labia. I grasped one of her buttocks with the other hand, opening her legs wider, and took a long look at her labia, letting the shower drip warm sprinkles onto the sensitive skin. It was clear our foreplay and her eating out my cunt aroused her incredibly; she was slick with her own thick juices and moaning at the slightest touch. I licked her clitoris gently with the very tip of my tongue, and smiled knowing the thin pressure of warm moisture was responsible for the deep quiver that ran through her body. I looked up expectantly and saw her eyes close as she writhed against my mouth. I pushed her hips down and kissed her on her lower belly, not wanting to give her the easy quick satisfaction she gave me. I wanted her to hunger for it, to beg.

“What are you waiting for?” she moaned, still twisting her hips trying to gain satisfaction.

“I’m waiting for you to want it, really want it.” My thumb lazily circled the opening of her wet vagina, flicking it outwards, while grazing her swollen clitoral mound and repeated the motion.

“I want it already, don’t stop there,” she gasped, as I continued to tongue her hipbone, luxuriating in the feel of her smooth skin, the soft protrusion of bone. Her hips continue to writhe upwards, aiming towards my head, and her hands grasped my head again, wanting to guide it downwards.

“Oh no honey, I’m not done prepping you yet. I want you to want it more,” I purred as I kissed her from her stomach to the ripe round underside of her breasts. I had never spent so much time so close to a woman’s body, and appreciated the bounty of her large breasts, her delicate pink areola sprinkled with water, contrasting with her darker tattoos on the side of her body. I mouthed her right breast while reaching for her other breast with a free hand, making my way towards her nipple. I wanted to spend more time with that pink nipple, tiny as it seemed in the vast expanse of her breast. I nibbled on it with my lips, and felt her gasp when I bit gently with my teeth to harden them even more. I moved to the other breast, wanting to give it as much deserved attention as its sister, and tongued it carefully before again nibbling into it gently with my teeth.

“Please” she groaned again, “please, please don’t stop.”

While massaging her nipple in my mouth, I slipped my fingers down into her vagina, two at first, then three, feeling her vaginal walls tight, slick and pulsating against my fingers. I thrust them deep inside, all the way down to the knuckles, pushing against the walls. I continued to love her little perky nipples, and flicked them gently with my teeth, feeling them stiffen against my touch. I took my pinky, wet it in her ample juices, and found the entrance to her tight anus. I heard her moan loudly again when I eased my pinky in, moving my hand in and out of her vagina, my pinky moving along with the pressure, in and out of her wonderful slick warm wetness as I licked all around her ripe large breasts. As a last move before moving away from her breasts, I carefully thumbed her clitoris, and could feel her sharp intake of breath as I pressed her swollen mound.

“And now I have to take care of you,” I whispered.

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