Equipping Our Pros With the Tools They Need to Scale and Manage Their Businesses

David Steckel
Jun 3 · 5 min read

Our pros are our priority, and we know many of them use a variety of platforms to operate their businesses. To help streamline how they work and provide support to set them up for continued success, our team has been working tirelessly to build out our Pro API offering. Our new partnerships aim to help our pros manage their job pipelines and customer relationships more efficiently.

Today, we’re kicking off a new partnership with Workiz, a leading field service management and communication startup, that’s enabling home service professionals to find more ways to secure additional business opportunities, faster.

To celebrate, I sat down with Workiz CEO, Adi (Didi) Azaria, to dig into how our new integration works, the benefits for pros and more.

David: What inspired you to join Workiz?

Adi: 20 years ago I was a locksmith in LA. I spent a lot of my days on the highway making sure I had all my equipment, packed lunch, and other essentials. Many things have changed since, but unfortunately, many things have stayed the same, like challenges in communicating with customers. The challenges that I experienced as a service pro are what drove me to join Workiz.

D: What do you see as the greatest value for Thumbtack and Workiz pros from our partnership?

A: Prior to Workiz, I was in charge of the sales division at a very big company in the enterprise B2B world. The first thing I think I ever learned in sales was that you must get back to a client as quickly as possible once you get an incoming request. The length of the time it takes you to respond is crucial. So, at Workiz, I have been thinking about what we can do to ensure that every incoming inquiry to our pros is able to be addressed immediately. This is the magic behind the relationship between Thumbtack and Workiz. Thumbtack is one of the best platforms to make connections for home service professionals, helping them to connect with customers and grow their business. However, when a pro doesn’t reply immediately, the client may look elsewhere. It’s essential to do everything possible to communicate with each customer and win each job. We are enabling that with our partnership, using automation behind-the-scenes. When Thumbtack connections integrate into Workiz, businesses can respond immediately through their messaging center and turn any opportunity into a job in record time.

D: Why Thumbtack?

A: We have a lot of data, and when analyzing tens of millions of jobs over the last few years, we clearly saw a trend. Based on our analysis, almost 50% of our pros are using Thumbtack in one way or another and we saw an opportunity to help our pros integrate their job opportunities and communication platforms, to ensure they’d be best equipped to turn potential customers into jobs. We also interviewed our pros and they expressed how much they actually love how they are being presented on Thumbtack and the type of customers they are finding there, so it definitely felt like a huge opportunity.

D: How can tech companies like ours work together to better support the home services industry?

A: We believe that customer relationships are the key to any business’s success. Our goal is to support the home service industry in its interactions with customers, whether it’s for estimates, the actual service call, or payments (the post-job interaction). If we can automate most of it, and make it easier for people to interact with each other through a digital-first approach, customers and pros will be happy. As a result, the home services industry will thrive and continue to grow.

D: What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the home services industry today?

A: It’s mostly a lack of skilled professionals. There is more demand than supply. After speaking to many home service pros, it has become clear that they need to hire more people but just cannot find them. So this challenge raises questions. Do we need more schools for these types of occupations? Do we need to train younger people? Can we make it easier on them to get into this field or into specific jobs? This is part of our journey as tech companies. We shouldn’t focus only on software, but also on educating the market on possible solutions to bigger problems in the skilled trades.

D: It’s 2030, what is different and what is the same in the way we get projects done around the house?

A: The first thing that we will see are more “robots” (or autonomous devices) assisting with inspections. Construction will be the first industry to experience this kind of disruption. We already see houses being built by computers. Drones present an opportunity for roofers. You can take these robots almost everywhere these days and make sure you’re not risking yourself and making a job move much faster. The technology has already been around for about 10 years, but now it has become cheap enough so that anyone can buy it.

Now, the challenge is the technology gap. Everybody is going to be using these tools, and it’s going to create more jobs, not less (for instance a plumber or electrician specializing in operating a drone). Skilled professionals will be able to focus more on the fix and less on time-consuming, risky inspections.

I also believe that the equipment, the hardware, is going to change a lot. We see a lot of inventions around new types of hardware that make the job easier. This shift will require more technical people, but, simultaneously, will give service businesses more opportunities to do larger jobs, faster.

As for what will stay the same? People, and the focus on providing excellent customer service.

D: What are you most excited about in our partnership?

A: Enabling plumbers, locksmiths, garage door repairmen, and others to get ahold of a customer immediately after a job request is submitted. There is nothing more satisfying from the customer perspective than a quick response. From the business perspective, faster response time means businesses using Thumbtack will make more money and be able to scale their businesses.

D: How can pros learn more about our partnership?

A: Pros can visit our page Workiz or Thumbtack to learn more or enter the Workiz Marketplace directly from their Workiz account and connect to Thumbtack in just a few clicks.

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Thumbtack is the app that helps local professionals and customers find each other.

Thumbtack Blog

Our local service marketplace intelligently matches customers to pros with the right expertise, availability and pricing. Customers find electricians, landscapers, DJs, anyone they need, and pros create sustainable businesses doing what they love. Visit: www.thumbtack.com.

David Steckel

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Thumbtack Blog

Our local service marketplace intelligently matches customers to pros with the right expertise, availability and pricing. Customers find electricians, landscapers, DJs, anyone they need, and pros create sustainable businesses doing what they love. Visit: www.thumbtack.com.

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