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Sep 9, 2020 · 5 min read

Rannie was a Research Manager at Facebook before joining Thumbtack as Head of Research. Now, as Head of Design, she leads the Product Design, Experience Research and Creative teams. She likes to say that at Thumbtack, she does great work with great people. Here’s why.

What drew you to Thumbtack?

And then there’s that final “p”: potential. Potential on a personal level — where can I grow? Where can I contribute? It was important to me to not be a cog in the machine, but instead contribute my strengths while I learn from those around me and build my experience. As for potential on the company level: where are we today, where are we going and how can we grow? Asking these kinds of questions got me excited for Thumbtack’s mission and ultimately brought me here.

How does your background in research influence you as a design leader?

For example, for our customer, finding a quality pro is a persistent problem we design for. Our Homeowner Research shows that customers can feel a lot of frustration when owning a home, because projects can be a big commitment of time and money. Homeowners want to find their “people” — the pros they can trust to do quality work again and again. So we need to make sure that we build towards making the customer feel confident in finding the information they need, and hiring a reliable pro they can count on. It’s not a matter of research influencing design — both influence each other. It’s a cyclical, symbiotic process, and that’s how the magic happens.

Speaking of that magic, what’s interesting about designing for the Thumbtack user?

To build a product that is intuitive, easy and delightful requires a lot of deep thinking. Thumbtack is a two-sided marketplace, where the Customer and Pro sides feed into each other. We need to help customers identify a quality pro for their projects, and we need to collect a pro’s job preferences and match them with the right customer.

On top of that, you’re facilitating an online and offline interaction. The customer may have their own vision for how they want their project done. And the pro brings their expertise, but they may not know the exact situation of the job until they get to the customer’s home. We play a critical role to facilitate that online connection, but it’s embedded into a larger ecosystem of context that the pro and customer have to share with each other. All of that together makes simplicity very difficult to accomplish. It’s a really fascinating puzzle. And I love puzzles.

Aside from puzzles, what’s your secret superpower?

Not being an asshole is very important!

How does that impact the Design team’s culture at Thumbtack?

What have been some of your favorite projects at Thumbtack?

What are you most excited about?

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