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Jan 26 · 4 min read

Dear users,

TTSwap adds the Info page to enhance the transparency of the platform and facilitate the estimation of user income. Stats like top pairs, liquidity, volume and annual percentage rate (APR) will be particularly offered for users to consult at any time.

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In 2020, decentralized exchanges (DEX) triggered a boom of decentralized finance (DeFi), such as liquidity mining and on-chain pledge loans, so that the liquidity of digital assets was greatly improved.

While DEX has brought about DeFi locked-up digital assets of approximately USD 30 billion, the user base remains small. Even most users in the cryptocurrency circle still have problem with operation. Next, we will provide you with basic knowledge of DEX.

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I. Explanation of data information

TTSwap is a DEX that satisfies the liquidity and dealmaking demand of digital assets. Participation in TTSwap ecology can generate corresponding income. The data information, which is closely related to user’s earnings, is defined as follows:

  • Liquidity: the value given to the liquidity pool of a currency

Currently, main tokens in TTSwap pools include TT, TT-USDT and TT-WBTC. They also have high APR: TT-WBTC (92.91%), TT-USDC (36.78%) and TT-USDT(31.35%). (Note: APR will fluctuates)

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II. Ways to visit TTSwap

Different from most DEXs that can only run on their own chain, TTSwap can run on not only ThunderCore, but also built-in browsers of DApps compatible with ETH. You need only switch to the mainnet of ThunderCore to connect your wallet. To be specific, you can access TTSwap through the following paths.

III. Explanation on the major functions of TTSwap

1. Swap

Explanation: “Swap” means currency conversion. It is a function for exchanging any two kinds of digital assets. You can convert your existing digital assets into your desired digital assets of equivalent amount.

e.g. TT→TT — USDT. Purpose: Your TT assets are converted into equivalent TT-USDT assets.

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2. Send

Explanation: “Send” means currency conversion + transfer. It is a function of sending the desired tokens to another address right after conversion is completed.

e.g. TT→NICER. Purpose: Your TT assets become equivalent NICER assets, and are deposited to your designated wallet address.

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3. Pool

Explanation: A liquidity pool is a token pool locked in a smart contract. It facilitates transactions by providing liquidity. These liquidity pools are used by the platform (TTSwap). A user makes a deal with the tokens in pools rather than a specific user.

1)Add Liquidity

Explanation: Your TT assets and/or other digital assets are deposited in TTSwap smart contract at 1:1 to increase the liquidity of related assets transaction pairs.

E.g. If you deposit 100TT, your 100TT will exist in the TT pool in TTSwap smart contract. As a fund provider of the pool, you can get profit from swap charge;

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2)Remove Liquidity

Explanation: If you remove liquidity, you destroy the pool tokens and then transfer out your due TT and tokens, including the profit from the service charge.

E.g. If you remove a liquidity fund of 1000 TT, your 1000 TT will be removed from the TT liquidity pool smart contract, and this part will no longer bring you profit from service charge.

Purpose: The assets locked in smart contract can be freely drawn. The rights and interests of users are fully guaranteed. Digital assets and users are both endowed with great liquidity to increase the vitality of DEX.

3)Create Exchange

By creating an exchange, tokens are able to run on TTSwap. Any digital assets issued on the basis of TT20 are able to run on TTSwap.

E.g. Smith issued the digital asset “TTC” on ThunderCore. By adding the address of the digital asset/token, TTC can run on TTSwap.

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TTSwap, after acquisition by ThunderCore, is the main infrastructure of transaction and deposit in ThunderCore ecology. In order to greatly improve the user experience, a comprehensive optimization strategy is underway. Thank you for your attention!

ThunderCore team


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