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Own, Collect, Sell, and Play with Your Own Planet on the ThunderCore Blockchain

Peter Abilla
May 13, 2019 · 3 min read

We are excited to announce a partnership with an innovative gaming studio and pioneer in the 3D webVR crypto gaming space, ExoPlanets. If you love space and daydreamed of traveling to Mars someday and you’re also into blockchain tech, you’ll be especially excited.

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What is ExoPlanets?

ExoPlanets is a blockchain game that allows you to own, collect, sell and play with scientifically accurate planets outside of our solar system. The game, offers an immersive and unseen-before gaming experience in the crypto genre such as real data pulled directly from NASA’s database and beautiful playable 3D environments.

In the words of Gil Bahr, ExoPlanets Team Leader,

This is a big deal! Brand new planets will be created on the ThunderCore Blockchain — The ThunderCore blockchain will enable us to deliver a much better user experience for planet owners when playing the mining game, and future ExoLab games to follow. — Gil Bahr

Most crypto games offer only some type of flat 2D images as collectibles and maybe a button here and there that makes them move or perform a simple action.

ExoPlanets is here to change that: by bringing full fledged 3D interactive environments and playability in a crypto game using webVR technology.

This alone makes ExoPlanets one of the first crypto games that stands in the same level as non-blockchain games from the gaming industry.

How Do I Own my Own Planet?

We’ll have more details when we launch the game. But in general, Planet owners will play against each other in a race to mine as many resources as they can before all the resources are depleted, and then convert them to in-game tokens called ThunderCore ExoTokens (EXTC).

The race starts every 4 hours, in which the galaxy timer restarts itself and will be refreshed with new resources to mine. The sooner you launch a spaceship, the better your chances are to mine the most resources before other players join in and mine them too.

The first version of Exoplanets was launched during June 2018 on Ethereum. The new ThunderCore version (scheduled for August 2019) will deliver to the players a faster and more friendly user experience.

And the ExoPlanets team have other games and products they’ll be launching on ThunderCore. We’ll share about those plans at a future time.

Onward and upward!


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