Genesis Accounts Token Transfer Notice

Peter Abilla
Aug 13 · 2 min read

Since launching our mainnet, Digital Asset Custody Company (DACC) provided us custody service for our reserve tokens in genesis accounts. In April of 2019, Bakkt acquired DACC. As part of this acquisition, DACC will offboard all non-Bakkt clients, including Thunder Token.

Going forward, our reserve tokens will be managed by multi-signature wallets. On 8/14 Wednesday 12am CST (8/13 Tuesday noon NYC time), DACC will transfer the tokens to our multi-signature wallets from genesis accounts.

The genesis accounts and amounts are listed here:

Our existing stake-in structure for ThunderCore committee nodes requires funds to be sent back to the “main committee” pool account (listed above) held in custody by DACC. Since DACC is terminating their custody service, we have started to make the following transactions in order to retain our funds:

  1. On August 6th 2019, we transferred 300M of our unlocked committees pool funds to stake in a new committee.
  2. Sent the previous committee’s stake 300M back to the DACC account.
  3. Next will transfer reserve token from genesis accounts held in DACC custody to multi-sig wallet according to the list above.
  4. Will transfer 300M TT from multi-signature wallets address back to committee pool funds.

DACC account:


Unlocked Committee funds account:


We are making this announcement as part of our effort to notify our community major token movements ahead of time. Going forward there may be more token movements deriving from basic chain maintenance and operations, we look forward to updating you all in a timely manner.

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