Payment Hub Provider Liquidity Network Partners with ThunderCore Blockchain

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Liquidity Network, a provider of non-custodial payment hubs that allow users to make transactions off-chain without the use of a trusted third-party intermediary.

Liquidity Network’s NOCUST offering revolutionizes the way people trade and interact. Exchange of digital assets, as well as free, instant and secure off-chain transfers are made possible through a network of payment hubs without the oversight of any third parties.

Here is where blockchain comes in. As long as you keep your private keys safe, your transactions are protected and it’s possible for everyone to act like their own bank. However, current blockchain platforms are faced with performance issues which translate into slower transactions that can be costly based on blockchain gas fees.

As part of the announced partnership, Liquidity Network is launching its NOCUST Multi-Party Payment Hub on the ThunderCore blockchain. ThunderCore enables fast, near-instant confirmation with direct support for EVM smart contracts and DApps written for Ethereum with literally no modification.

According to Arthur Gervais, CEO of Liquidity Network, “ThunderCore and Liquidity Network are both deeply rooted in academic research, aligning our culture to produce quantifiably the best Blockchain solutions”

Liquidity Network’s NOCUST offering delivers a Layer-2 blockchain solution. NOCUST gives people complete ownership over their funds, while relying on ThunderCore for performance, security and scalability. With ThunderCore, NOCUST can remain fully decentralized by relying on a simple yet elegant consensus mechanism that makes the combined solution easy to implement and maintain on a large scale.

About Liquidity Networks

Co-founders Rami Khalil and Arthur Gervais observed the need to revolutionize the way people trade and interact. They understood the importance of individuals to regain power over their own funds. Liquidity Network was then born out of novel academic research. Based in the Swiss Crypto Valley, Liquidity Network is supported by leading VC firms such as FBG Capital, DHVC, zk Capital, ZMT Capital, YouBi Capital, Continue Capital, Thomas Capital, and others.