The Pre-release of The ThunderCore Mainnet Now Available

At the end of February 2019, we launched the Pre-release Mainnet of the ThunderCore Blockchain in advance of the public launch that we currently estimate to be in Q3 2019. The rest of this post will go as follows:

  1. How’s the Network Doing So Far?
  2. Pre-release vs Public Launch of the ThunderCore Mainnet
  3. How Do I Get a ThunderCore Address?
  4. Where Can I Get Thunder Tokens (TT)?
  5. Free Thunder Tokens for Developers
  6. Is ThunderCore Ready for Dapp Development?
  7. When Will ThunderCore Have Its Own Wallet?
  8. How To Write Smart Contracts on ThunderCore?
  9. How Do I Build a Dapp on ThunderCore?
  10. Can I Setup a Local Blockchain Node Similar to a Ganache Client?
  11. Can I Mine Thunder Tokens?
  12. So, Is ThunderCore just a Super Fast, Low Cost Version of Ethereum?
  13. What’s Next

How’s the Network Doing so Far?

The ThunderCore Network is performing as expected. Barring the occasional issues we’ve had with the faucet, which wasn’t our fault but that of firebase authentication, the network is performing flawlessly.

The network has been running for 7 (March 1 to March 8) days and below is some data we can report.

  1. Total Thunder Token Volume: 660,119,633
  2. Transaction Count: 5,229
  3. Unique Contract Addresses: 238
  4. Unique Sender Addresses: 400
  5. Unique Addresses on the Mainnet: 1,427
  6. Unique Receiver Addresses: 1,422

The ThunderCore Blockchain is 7 days old, we haven’t widely distributed Thunder Tokens yet, and participation through staking hasn’t been implemented. So, rest assured these numbers will skyrocket as we march towards the Public Mainnet Launch in Q3.

Pre-release vs Public Launch of the ThunderCore Mainnet?

The Pre-Release Mainnet is the ThunderCore Mainnet chain with full functionality. It is different from the “public” launch because it lacks the ability for the public to stake tokens, as well as other features.

The Public launch of the Mainnet will not impact the Mainnet blockchain in any way. Which means that the Dapp states, account balances, smart contracts, etc., will be preserved leading into the public launch of the Mainnet. Following this period we will release the full node source code for full public launch.

This approach isn’t that unusual. Other blockchains have taken this approach, mainly because Blockchains are such that the concept of a “minimally viable blockchain” pretty much can’t work. It either works or it doesn’t.

So, we launched a Mainnet, but it’s not a full-featured Mainnet.

The only difference between now and the public launch will be that the public can easily start participating in the consensus process of the ThunderCore blockchain by running full nodes as well as staking.

Our job right now with the Pre-release Mainnet is to make sure the network runs perfectly. So we’re watching carefully, testing, and want to make sure that when we do launch the Public Mainnet around Q3, there are no issues.

Incidentally, if you remember, Tezos launched their “Betanet” which was their Mainnet, then they launched their Public Mainnet shortly afterwards.

We’ve taken the same approach.

In what follows, we’ll lay out the key information you need to take part in the ThunderCore Blockchain.

How Do I Get a ThunderCore Address?

ThunderCore is Ethereum/EVM compatible. Any address created for Ethereum will work on ThunderCore. You can use MetaMask and any other popular Ethereum wallet to create ThunderCore address.

To access the ThunderCore blockchain all you have to do is to point the network RPC to the following:

And not to the Ethereum network. For detailed instructions, go here:

Where Can I Get Thunder Tokens (TT)?

As of right now, we haven’t approved any exchange to trade Thunder Tokens. However, we all know that if you’re going to release a blockchain project with a token, exchanges are going to exchange; traders gonna trade. We’re aware there are exchanges out there where you can buy and sell Thunder Tokens. We haven’t authorized them or are affiliated with any of them. So, be careful out there.

If it’s an exchange that we approve of and are working with, rest assured the announcement will come from us on our blog, telegram, and on twitter.

Free Thunder Tokens for Developers

If you’re a developer or you just want to experience the speed of ThunderCore, you can get free Thunder Tokens from our Mainnet Faucet.

If you are interested in deploying a Dapp on ThunderCore, you can deploy on the ThunderCore Mainnet using real value tokens from our faucet.

Is ThunderCore Ready for Dapp Development?


We encourage Dapp developers to experience a boost in performance while leveraging full EVM compatibility. Dapps can be migrated to ThunderCore in as little as five minutes. We’ll have a few videos on how to do that soon.

If you’re interested in porting your Dapp to ThunderCore, contact us and we can help you get sufficient Thunder Tokens to deploy you Dapp on the ThunderCore Mainnet.

Please also stay on the lookout for incentives to port your Dapps over to ThunderCore.

When Will ThunderCore Have Its Own Wallet?

ThunderCore is integrating with major wallets to have native support for ThunderCore and Thunder Token.

In the near future, you will not have to deal with custom RPC URL workarounds. We want the ThunderCore experience to be seamless so users can continue using their favorite wallet.

How to Write Smart Contracts on ThunderCore

Since ThunderCore is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, you can write smart contracts the same way you would for Ethereum. Most people use Truffle, but other tools should work as well.

How Do I Build a Dapp on ThunderCore?

Glad you asked.

Check out our tutorial on How to Build a Dapp on ThunderCore.

Is There a Way To Setup a Local Blockchain Node Similar to a Ganache Client?

I don’t even know what that means. But, I’m glad there are many other people here at ThunderCore that do. Go here to learn more.

Can I Mine Thunder Tokens?

ThunderCore utilizes Proof of Stake. As such, Thunder Tokens are pre-mined. No new tokens can be mined as we do not mint new tokens as part of our consensus process.

ThunderCore validators, called committee node members, earn rewards through gas and transaction fees. People can take part in ThunderCore consensus mechanism and participate in securing the ThunderCore blockchain upon its public launch.

We’re working on allowing participation in the network through staking your Thunder Tokens (TT) and we’ll let the community know closer to our Public Mainnet Launch.

So, Is ThunderCore a Super Fast, Low Cost Version of Ethereum?


ThunderCore is laser focused on making life easier for Dapp developers as well as make the blockchain more usable for end users.

To that end, ThunderCore is working on adding the following features natively to the blockchain, besides having high transaction throughput and low gas cost AND additional features that we’ll be announcing soon as we publish our roadmap:

  1. Dapp developer funded gas costs: This feature allows developers to have freemium models for their Dapps with select users not needing to even pay for gas when interacting with a Dapp.
  2. Cross-chain assets on ThunderCore: Being EVM compatible, ThunderCore already makes it super easy for Ethereum developers to port their Ethereum Dapps on ThunderCore. Cross-chain assets allow DApps on ThunderCore to leverage existing Ethereum assets like DAI, Crypto Kitties. Basically Dapps can immediately start fully leveraging mature ecosystem of Ethereum while enjoying the scalability and low-cost of ThunderCore.
  3. Native random number support: Most gaming applications on any blockchain need random number support. Until now on Ethereum, each Dapp has come up with their own scheme for generating random number. The ThunderCore Blockchain will provide random number generated natively to the Dapps or any smart contract.

What’s Next

Our product and engineering teams are heads-down and focused. We’ll be announcing our product roadmap soon, in addition to many other great things that I know the community will appreciate.

We’re just getting started.

Our vision of a Decentralized Future is slowly becoming a reality and ThunderCore is playing an integral part in that journey.

More to come.