The 1st Batch of En [code] Incubation Projects Listed on ThunderCore Hub

Jul 27 · 2 min read

Dear users,

The 1st batch of incubation projects of the En [code] will be listed on the ThunderCore Hub wallet to share the ecological traffic of ThunderCore and get the free services of projects and brand promotion and referral traffic.

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In the near future, incubation projects of the En [code] including ProsperChain, GetAFox, Punchline, DigiOptions, Mimic and Peerkat, will be listed on the ThunderCore Hub wallet. Deployed freely by blockchain teams in different regions of the world, these projects cover fields of games entertainment, DEFI finance and market applications. They strive to serve human life by using blockchain technology of the instant payment confirmation, cross-chain technology, smart contracts and distributed technology of ThunderCore.

As a strategic cooperation between ThunderCore and StakeZero, the En [Code] TT Club is an incubator of blockchain projects, providing entrepreneurial opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts especially students and supporting the ecological construction of ThunderCore projects. The 1st Batch of incubation projects have received incubation funds of different amounts. ThunderCore provides them with project development, promotion and referral traffic for the market.

In addition, the ThunderCore Hub wallet has added the function of submitting DApps deployed on the ThunderCore public blockchain. How to submit your DApps? First log in the ThunderCore Hub, then enter the Home page, and finally fill in the information and submit the DApp at the bottom of the Home page. Projects with complete project information will be showed on the ThunderCore Hub after review. Join us!

Submit your DApps:

Download ThunderCore Hub:

We welcome any form of project applications to join in the ThunderCore Hub for more comprehensive, diversified and high-quality blockchain products and services for users!

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