TODO.a Deploys Blockchain Technology to Improve Democracy

Samuel Harrison
Nov 20, 2019 · 2 min read

The Taiwan Open Democracy Observatory Association (TODO.a), an organization dedicated to collecting opinions from both political parties and public representatives and providing voter advice, has integrated blockchain technology to make opinion surveys more open, transparent, fair, just and tamper-proof.

TODO.a is pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated iVoter platform, jointly developed with ThunderCore. In the last few years, the Taiwanese people have become more and more interested in participating in public affairs and the need for a “just, fair, and open” platform has become a universal requirement. iVoter is the answer to that requirement.

A first of its kind, iVoter has merged online polling and voting consultation with ThunderCore’s blockchain technology to enhance public education and awareness and to support parliamentary oversight.

At yesterday’s event celebrating iVoter’s launch, Ko Wen-je (President of the Taiwan Democratic Party and Mayor of Taipei) praised the use of blockchain and stated “innovation is the only way forward for Taiwan”.

Chris Wang (CEO ThunderCore), Ko Wen-Je (Mayor of Taipei), Bauer Wann (General Manager, Asia ThunderCore)

By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, the public can have greater trust in not only the results of an opinion poll, but also in the process by which opinions were gathered. By using the blockchain, records can be stored in an tamper-proof, permanent way that lends greater transparency to the whole civic proceeding.

Professor Liao Daqi, President of TODO.a noted, “The process and results of most opinion polls are often suspected by the public. They are easily falsified and there is no assurance of personal privacy; the very nature of the blockchain can solve those problems. ThunderCore is a top, international blockchain company and working with them was easy and enjoyable. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

ThunderCore, TODO.a, and local governmental officials coming together to bring blockchain to government.

In closing, Chris (CEO of ThunderCore) shared, “Blockchain technology can be applied in a multitude of ways across all walks of life, from government institutions to private organizations. Blockchains can benefit asset registration, trade finance, opinion polling, notarization, medical care, education, food-chain management, IoT and many many more. Blockchain technology opens up the operating process and makes it transparent to all in a way that is tamper-proof and verifiable at any time.”

Samuel Harrison

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