What is it to experience ThunderCore scale in a blockchain?

Many decentralized application (DApp) developers and their application users have relied on Ethereum as the blockchain of choice for DApps. Unfortunately, scalability limitations of Ethereum have limited the range of DApps which can be built on the platform. To address such pain points, the ThunderCore Blockchain was developed by industry-leading experts as a fully EVM-compatible blockchain with a throughput of 1,000+ TPS, sub-cent gas costs and confirmation times in seconds.

In this blog post, we will take the example of online poker as a potential DApp and explain how the experience of using such DApp will differ between Ethereum and the ThunderCore blockchain.

Online poker always has this trust issue of trusting the website operator. People always worry that the website operator might cheat or get compromised. As discussed in our previous article, blockchain technology is the perfect solution for such trust issues. Ideally, a Poker game DApp built using blockchain smart contract technology should be the most trustworthy and secure online poker game. Blockchain technology ensures that there is complete transparency about the randomness as well as each step in the game.

But when you start playing a poker game DApp built and deployed on Ethereum, the first issue you will run into is that each step of the game will take times ranging from 15 seconds to a few hours. Imagine waiting for a minute, let alone hours, for the first set of cards to be dealt in a poker game. No player would stick around to play such a game.

The second issue which you run into is that of gas transaction fees. With Ethereum or any EVM-based smart contract blockchain system, you have to pay gas fees for each transaction within the DApps. It is a minor inconvenience, but with Ethereum, such problems get exacerbated in the event of network congestion and the transaction fees can rise higher than $4. Maybe high roller poker players can afford to pay a $4 transaction fee for every round of bets they make but such a game with its unpredictable transaction-fee structure is totally unusable and unaffordable for common players.

The ThunderCore blockchain takes care of both issues mentioned above. On the ThunderCore blockchain, one block is produced and confirmed approximately every second. This means that users can have real-time interaction with the poker DApp smart contract and have the same user experience as a centralized online poker website. Also, support for 1000+ tx/s on the ThunderCore blockchain means that the possibility of congestion on the ThunderCore network will be minimal and gas transaction fees will remain below a cent. That effectively means that blockchain transaction fees for playing a round of poker with the poker DApp will ideally be maxing at 1–2 cents.

This one example aims to illustrate a broader point: Quantum leap in scalability improvements made by the ThunderCore blockchain over Ethereum allows for new kinds of DApps, especially in gaming and real-time interactive use cases, which were not possible before. Once the ThunderCore Mainnet is deployed (currently the Testnet is available) developers will have the foundation to create these applications.

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