Trudeau’s Tin of Torture

Trudeau really is the Canadian Tony Blair.

I want to argue that Canadian liberty is all about inclusion.

If anything, true liberty (which does not admit of the kind of ethnocentric chauvinism which Trudeau is challenging here) is as much about exclusion, as inclusion.

Liberalism, insofar as it is properly understood and sincerely held to, is the philosophy of intolerance.

And rightly so!

Typical ‘undialectical’ thinking on the part of this president.


Who should ‘We’ include, then?

Trots? Neo-Nazis? KKK? Jihadi choppers? Scientologists?

Should there be a first Jehovah’s Witness president, just for tokenism’s sake?

Should the next science minister be a Mary Baker Eddy devotee?

How about rapists, porn peddlers, pimps and warmongers?

How about fascist skinheads or unreconstructed 50s tankies?

This is just hilariously one-sided thinking.

Inclusion is as inclusion does.

Include those who deserve to be included, exclude those who don’t.

Ultimately, Trudeau represents indiscriminate inclusion, tolerance and diversity.

Or in a word…

Moral relativism.

He is the slick outer shell of the cozy rhetoric; but his inner heart is less clean and shiny.

His heart is relativism, and from a darkened heart, only a tainted exterior of words and deeds can ever but once proceed.