Language Lab: Omnipluridrome


n. Any word that is not a counterexceptionym.

Antonym: Counterexceptionym


Although the words themselves are antonyms of one another, it should be noted, to avoid confusion, that omnipluridrome is a counterexceptionym, while counterexceptionym is, of course, an omnipluridrome, as it is not, itself, a counterexceptionym. However, any word that is defined as an omnipluridrome, such as counterexceptionym is automatically defined as not being a counterexceptionym (as is omnipluridrome) and in so doing will obviously alleviate any confusion. Also, there’s no need to create a word to define those people who do not know how to properly use the words counterexceptionym and omnipluridrome, as the word already exists: imbecile.

In Usage:

 We were arguing entirely in omnipluridromes until he called me a “filthy Gentile,” to which I emphatically brushed off the dust from my chaplain uniform and shouted “you sighted civilian layperson scoundrel!!” I then briskly exited the room with the help of my guide dog, as he shouted “kiss my counterexceptionym,” knocking that indignant yarmulke right off of his big, imbecilic head, or so I assume.


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Posted on November 1, 2010

Category : Language Lab


This is a proposed new addition to the language, and, as such, its use has been neither tested nor approved. Any usage of this word in conversation or written form resulting in derision or injury is in no way the responsibility of ThunkTV or its affiliates.

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