What is ThunkTV?

“Thunk!” — It’s the sound of ideas falling down from the sky — and hitting you right over the head. Get used to that sound, because you’ve just crossed the threshold into a whole universe of knowledge.

ThunkTV is an educational resource unlike any other in the world today — or yesterday, for that matter. Building upon our 100+ year legacy of providing educational media including publishing, films, and television, ThunkTV is practically a household name*. Sure, if you lived within ThunkTV’s original viewing area when you were a kid, we’re bringing you the same quality programming, and now we’re entering a new digital age. This new high-tech content delivery system contains videos and image both old and new, through which you’ll learn anything you can imagine (unless you can imagine something that’s not possible to learn from a website. It may not include that), ThunkTV’s current and historical relevance makes it your go-to channel/website/thingy for all the things you could ever want to know. From math to science, English to maths to history, Thunk TV is the cutting-edge** of educational content.

Come back as often as you like and be sure to share with friends! Remember, we take learning… and make FUN!

*Among households who have heard of us and speak of us often.

**Thunk TV is not responsible for personal injuries resulting from the use of this website.