Week Ten: Whoops! + Punishment Time

Oh, hey.

It’s Tuesday! Time for a Tuesday post! Maybe the story about how an older guy from my high school — part of a group of boys who were seriously referred to as ‘the holy trinity’ — matched with me on Tinder and I think maybe fell in love with me? Maybe another soundtrack?

…porque no los dos?

But no, it’s a Tuesday and I still haven’t posted about the date that I went on last weekend! What an oversight.

That would be because… I didn’t go on one.

I tried! I really did. Well, not too hard. I got distracted, honestly, by being at work on Thursday instead of in class as I usually am. And there were a few conversations happening, but nothing too thrilling. So no date. Whoops.


I’m doubling down on my dating skills and trying to go on two dates between Thursday and Sunday. Obviously, if I fail to do so, I won’t keep piling on dates— I’ll just pick a different punishment to kick in for the next week.

So there’s the plan for this weekend! Week Eleven is here — and it’s two times the fun.

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