Ho Chi Minh City, March 2018

The hardest thing of cancer patients is not about the pain, but the moments we accept the fact that we will live with this disease for the rest of our lives.

When people hear that “I have cancer”, they looked at with sympathy “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that!” — and that made me sick!

Talking about cancer, everyone thinks about negative images of people with lack of energy, desperate and waiting to die. Before cancer destroys our body, the negative thoughts already ourselves and our loved ones.

However, it’s all about our attitude! Years ago, my grandparents and parents had met through family arrangements — they simply did not have the options to choose their life partner. If cancer is just part of this life — a not-so-ideal partner, would we look at marriage as an unfortunate or learn how to have a blossoming life in its own ways.

The average age for women getting diagnosed with cancer is 50 years old. Most of them have just about to get a bit of relaxing time. They lived almost their entire life to bring happiness to parents, husband, and children. The day cancer called their name, they did not live even a single day for themselves.

When I got diagnosed, I could not even cry. I was shocked, but then quickly getting back to my work. When I started my treatments, the medication simply destroyed my whole face and body. I looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself, “If my face becomes worse the next day, do I still want to live? If I have to live the rest of my life with blended food, do I still want to continue the treatment?” — And the answer is YES! It’s not because I believe the hardship will be over. I believe even if it’s harder, I will continue living a grateful life — and that — is the ultimate beauty.

In 31 years of my life, I never bring any happiness to my parents, siblings, or anyone. I lived for myself and what I love — and fortunately, I found many people had the same passion.

We all have one life to live, one youth to experience, and to dream. My youth maybe a bit fast and more furious than others. However, even if I’m a director, I can’t write a better screenplay for my life.

All of us have the main role in our own life — don’t become a supporting cast for others. In the end, we’re all stories, let’s write some good ones!

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