[Los Angeles] Griffith Observatory

View of downtown Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory (2011) — Photo by NTNC

I came back to Griffith Observatory today with a few friends. It has been a few years since my last visit. This museum is truly my most favorite place in Los Angeles! The view from is just phenomenal!

The Observatory Building itself is getting more and more crowded, especially in the weekend. However, most of the exhibits are fairly up-to-date! It’s definitely a kid-friendly place as children can learn so much about the universe, and science. However, dogs are not allowed inside!

My first date with lovely Dom — she got the most attention at Griffith today

In the weekend, parking can be pretty tough, but people go in and out fairly quick, so just patient! Most people just walk around the building to get the 360 degree view of Los Angeles, Glendale, San Gabriel. The entire walk itself would not take longer than 45 minutes (including time for photos). The most awesome part about the area is probably the hiking trail. There are about 4-miles beautiful hiking trail starting right from the parking lot — just look for the sign of “Charlie Turner Trailhead”

I was very nervous going back to this place today — it just contents so much of the memory for the most darling time of my life. However, that fear shall pass!

Hello again, Los Angeles! You deserve to be loved!

Rosemead, Oct 30th, 2016

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