[Los Angeles] San Bernardino Peak

In the past 2 months, I attempted to do both Mt Baldy and Cuacumongo Peak, yet I ended up with Ski Hut and Timber Peak instead. Both times were because I don’t feel comfortable with the snow. Water and snow are definitely the two terrains that I am not familiar with. And therefore, turning around is always the safest decisions.

I got the results for my CT scan before my Mt Whitney trip, which show not much progress but no setback either. My doctor reduced my Tarceva dosage to 100mg a day, which made significant impact on my rash. I can actually see partial of my facial skin now. I didn’t feel any shortness of breath at 10,000 ft elevation neither from camping nor walking.

I signed up for San Bernardino Peak with Girls Who Hike Los Angeles group last week — which required the wilderness permit. It’s absolutely one among the most beautiful trails that I’ve ever been. It’s 8 miles to the top, and 8 miles down. The last 1 mile ascendent is the hardest; however, it’s nothing compared to the pain of the last 2 miles. I could not feel my feet nor any other parts of my body. It was the longest hike I’ve done ever. But, I got this, no doubt!

I appreciate so much all the support from Kaithlyn and other GWHLA members on this trip. This group truly made huge impact in my recovery!

-Rosemead, June 24th, 2017 -

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