5 Tips of Advice from Thuzio Members for the Class of 2017

Thuzio members answer the question: what advice would you give your 22 year old self?

With graduation season concluding, between 1 and 2 million young individuals enter the workforce and begin their professional careers. We asked Thuzio members offer advice to recent graduates and offer insight into what they can do to help ensure future success.

1. Timothy Fee, Regional Vice President, Retirement Consultant at Allianz Life Financial Services

“I would say to keep your options open. Be bold and daring until you see your path, and once you see your path double down and do whatever you can to move down that path as quickly as possible.”
Tim (right) with former NFL star Terrell Owens at a Thuzio event in Chicago

2. Anthony Davenport, Founder/CEO of Regal Financial

“Swing for the fences before you have a lot of obligations and before the stakes are even bigger.”
Anthony with Thuzio Co-Founder Tiki Barber

3. Boris Sharapan Fabrikant, Esq., Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at TripleMint

“Do what you’re passionate about, do what you love. Don’t do anything because it’s the safe choice. Too often people make choices based on financial or job security. This leads to a job you don’t necessarily love, or worse hate. Do what you love, do it well, and the money will follow.”
Boris with former Yankee Roger Clemens at a Thuzio event in New York

4. Nick Spike, SVP at Thuzio Executive Club

“If you are not already on LinkedIn, create an account NOW! Every connection you make moving forward, and many you already have, will matter for the rest of your career.”
Nick with Chef David Bouley at a Thuzio event in New York

5. Sterling Sullivan, Vice President & Sr. Wealth Advisor at Calamos Wealth Management

“You’re not nine feet tall and bulletproof. Be patient, spend less time being angry, and letting anger cloud your thoughts. If it upsets you, just move on. I am still as persistent and driven as I was at 22 — So my advice would be to spend less on things that don’t matter or you can’t control and more on the things that you can control.”
Sterling (right) with former Cub Kerry Wood at a Thuzio event in Chicago

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