A Philly Love Affair: Terrell Owens at Thuzio Executive Club

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By: Pat Ryan

“I was always a fan and seeing another side of Terrell last night just cemented that. He is very endearing and has the best smile!” — Traci Jordon, Chief Operating Officer, PCS and TEC Member

Terrell Owens entertained a full house last night at Top of the Tower in Philadelphia. When answering questions and giving fans insight into his career, it was clear he loved being on the mic.

Terrell always shows his love for fans and they love him back, whether he’s on the field or on Twitter. When asked about his relationship with fans: “I don’t know. The feeling was mutual. Coming from SF, I was a hard worker and understanding what Philly was about, a hard working city, it was immediate. I was very straight forward. Every time I stepped on the field, I gave you 181%. Coming here, I knew something special could happen.”

Our moderator Glen Macnow took part in the lively Q&A with Terrell, helping make the night a success: “What a great and fun opportunity for folks to share Terrell Owens’ insight and humor at the Thuzio dinner. It’s rare that fans get to hear the great athletes candid and unplugged. But that’s what people get at these events. T.O. didn’t disappoint, and I think the attendees will remember the evening for a long time to come.

TEC members and guests could have listened to him all night, and Terrell would have happily answered every single question up to the final raised hand.

Of course we had to ask if he could still suit up in the NFL: “Every time a Philadelphia Eagle WR drops the ball, my phone lights up and every time people ask if I can suit up and I answer the same way: I’m available.”

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