Despite All Obstacles: Member Spotlight with Cat Lambertini

Cat Lambertini is a Senior Financial Advisor and First Vice President — Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch, a division of Bank of America. She became a Thuzio Executive Club member last year in Los Angeles, and chatted with us about her career, the importance of spending time with clients, and her favorite Thuzio moments.

What is your proudest moment in your career?

As a double minority and someone who is a nonconformist, I’m proud of my success in a really traditional, conventional industry despite all of the additional obstacles. To know that I’ve been able to do that makes me incredibly proud. I haven’t done anything traditionally and I can still succeed at my own pace & in my own way. Truly, having your high school daughter call you a bad-ass after they’ve heard you on the phone with a client is an affirming moment.

My husband also joined my team a year ago. While working with your spouse might become a challenge for some people, I found that my success gave me the luxury to bring my husband into the business. Together we’re already promoters (we’re always hosting dinner parties) and this ties in perfectly with what Thuzio does.

What separates Merrill Lynch from others in the space? What makes your team stand out to clients?

My team and I take our platform and make it the function at optimum levels for our clients. We could be anywhere and we’re going to bring the best, regardless of the situation. Our level of service and our genuine interest in what is ultimately important to our clients certainly differentiates us.

Cat Lambertini at Thuzio’s Pete Rose event in LA

Why do you entertain clients or what value do you derive from this practice?

Being social and interacting with clients is a big focus for us. We like to invite clients out to a number of things, such as educational events like dinners or workshops where we’ll bring a money manager in or someone specific to financial literacy or best business practices. We also do a lot of women’s empowerment and charity events. Our focus is to be much more social, not just business-focused, and be able to spend time with our clients and have an enjoyable evening together. That’s something that Thuzio has been able to provide on a level that is above what others can offer by bringing in celebrity athletes for really great and interesting discussions. It’s a lot of fun, especially for those clients and prospects that are big sports fans. They just think it’s fantastic.

What has been your favorite TEC event to date?

The Mark Spitz event in LA, which was the first one I attended, was my favorite. We had no idea where we were going, a friend invited us and we met Brett Hughes at that event. We walked into the bar of the restaurant and could tell it was an exclusive event. We knew nothing about it coming in, and we were very impressed. Still, all the events have been wonderful.

A couple of friends were unexpectedly there, it was a fun and nice surprise. The dinner was fantastic, and the discussion with Mark was a lot of fun and very historical. It was a really a unique and impressive event. Seeing Terrell Owens and getting a picture with him was pretty cool, the Amy Trask event was wonderful and I really loved the venue, but I have to say our very first event was my favorite.

Cat with Pete Rose at a Thuzio event

How has TEC elevated your professional relationships?

When we take someone to a Thuzio event, the pressure for us to be entertaining is taken away. We get to enjoy the event together with our clients without having to worry if our clients are having a good time because we know how inherently special the events are. They leave feeling like we’ve given them this great night, so that is incredibly helpful for us.

What’s interesting about TEC is you’ll run into business contacts, and a lot of the contacts I’ve run into have been guests of other members. It’s fun to run into people you know. When our clients see that we’re running into people we know, they’re also impressed because they see it’s a unique community.

Clients feel special for being invited to something like this. They feel special that we invited them, they’re someone we chose, and that helps put us in a great light with them. They may have no idea how special it is, then we go to the event and they say, “wow that was super and they picked me for that.” It helps to elevate us in their minds because it makes our guests feel special and chosen.

It also helps to put you in a different social group. You can’t spend that money in other places and get the same experience. There’s nothing else like it. I have been a member for about 9 months, and I’m looking forward to expanding our relationship within Thuzio and other members of the network AND with the TEC personnel. Brett Hughes was a definite piece of our wanting to join. Everyone we have met that works for TEC have been personable, professional, quality people. It’s not just being a part of a “club,” it’s being a part of “their club” that is also an element of the draw to TEC.

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