Feeling Like You’re in Italy: Chef Michael White at Thuzio Executive Club

“Making pasta is one of my passions.” — Chef Michael White

In Osteria Morini, one of Chef Michael White’s many established restaurants, TEC members and guests were treated to an Italian style four course meal Monday and Tuesday night. Chef White spoke about his love for authentic Italian cuisine, from freshly sliced prosciutto, rich cheese, to handmade pastas.

The feast began with a Hennessy introduction and a toast to the chef. The menu included Polpettine — prosciutto & mortadella meatballs simmered in tomato sauce, Gramigna — macaroni, sweet pork sausage, tomato, and cream, and Bistecca — 14 oz. prime ribeye, garlic roasted marrow bone.

“I wanted it to feel like you’re really here in Italy.” When his daughter said “Dad, I feel like I’m in Italy,” that’s when Chef White knew he did his job.

When asked when food became important to him, Chef White gave credit to his father. “My father was an avid home cook, and that’s how I got the bug.” He recalled his time traveling and training: “It’s been a crazy time since 1991.”

He also mentioned the challenges and benefits of the digital age and how much the restaurant utilizes their Instagram account. “Everything is on social media. We have to be on our game all the time.”

When asked what’s most important to him, Chef White talked about his several restaurants and the wonderful team he has by his side. “The most important thing for me is passing down what we do.” After two nights of remarkable meals and conversation, we are sure our members agree.

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