Providing Solutions for Industry Leaders: Member Spotlight with David Morris

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Jumpstarting our “Member Spotlight” series, is our conversation with San Francisco based Thuzian David Morris of The HiPER Solutions Group (HSG). HSG is built to serve the needs of High Impact Performers (HiPERs™): The CEOs and Senior Executives that make change happen. HSG’s turnkey solution, BlindSpot™, provides HiPERs with a solution that enables higher quality decision-making and accelerate achievement of game-changing outcomes.

To start off, can you offer some insights into what your company does and your day to day role?

The HiPER Solutions Group provides a solution for game-changing leaders to help them improve the decision making of their leadership team. It’s a system for executives with an annual operating budget of at least $50 million who move fast and effect serious change; we help ensure that HiPERs are well aligned with their team so that breakthrough outcomes can be achieved.

David Morris (middle) chatting with former NFL Coach Dick Vermiel (left) at a Thuzio event

What separates your company from others in the space and what makes your team stand out to clients?

In all seriousness, there’s no one in our space, no one does what The HiPER Solutions Group does. We have built our company around a very specific type of leader, The HiPER. With that in mind, we take a data-driven approach which helps executives understand one another and really leverage everyone to get involved. People may want to compare us to traditional management consulting or executive coaching, which is understandable, but would be a mistake. This is because we are not focused on advising based on industry-focused expertise, instead our ongoing system is designed to enable a world where people are better understood by viewing each clients needs through the lens of data-driven decision making and a deep understanding of how each individual is “wired.” We do this through ongoing data because we see that alignment is not a one-time thing.

What are some of the biggest day-to-day challenges in your field?

There are two sides. There is acquiring and serving our clients and there is innovating our product and service, which is about introducing new solutions that help game-changing leaders be more successful. For instance, this year we introduced HiPER-to- HiPER networking where we introduce our clients to similar HiPER leaders who have faced similar challenges. Only another HiPER can truly understand and relate to what another HiPER is going through and the decisions they have to make.

Why is networking or peer-to-peer communication important to your business?

I’ll give you an example: let’s say we’re working with one of our Fortune 500 clients and the HiPER Leader who is using BlindSpot™, and the VP of Sales for this company finds that they simply cannot “speak” the same language as their Head of Product, and as a result they are not in sync and it seems inevitable that the launch of their new product, which has huge implications for the company, is now likely going to be delayed. If we diagnose a leader with this challenge, we would connect them with someone who has faced those similar issues before. One way in which HSG creates value for our clients is leveraging data to identify and diagnose issues, and connect leaders with the right people who know how to fix those issues.

Recently, we began working with one of the largest restaurant chains in the World, and they had an issue around loyalty programs. In this example, what we did was connect them with another game-changing leader in the airline industry who runs the largest loyalty program and they were able to assess and problem-solve through the issues together.

How has Thuzio helped your business?

Thuzio has served as a great platform to introduce HiPER leaders together and to expose our clients to thought-leaders who are typically outside the traditional scope of business and technology. It brings people together, whether the person is a friend, client, or team member. Thuzio does the hard work of putting everything together and creating a safe and vibrant environment for dialogue.

How has Thuzio elevated your business relationships?

A good example is when we invited one of our clients to the Eric Dickerson event, and we were seated at his table. We engaged in meaningful conversation with him and actually ended up going with him to his hotel and grabbed a drink with him in the hotel lobby. We spent a few hours there and enjoyed an organic, thoughtful conversation with Eric. This was a total ‘surprise and delight’ sort of experience for our client and something that would not have been possible without Thuzio.

What is your proudest moment in your career?

Ultimately, creating The HiPER Solutions Group has been the most rewarding. With the help of great people, we’ve built an amazing system that, and I say this from the bottom of my heart, is making an incredible impact on how people work together and ultimately help them to better serve their clients. I feel that by helping the world’s leading ‘game-change’ leaders maximize their impact, we’re doing our part to make the world a better place, and one where people are understood!

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