Swinging for the Fences: Member Spotlight with Anthony Davenport

Thuzio Executive Club produces the most memorable business events of the year by featuring legends in sports and entertainment. We’ve hosted prominent talent in several fields, from sports icons to film stars to culinary experts. Our ‘Member Spotlight’ posts will highlight individual TEC members, their business successes, and the value that they derive from the club.

This week we sat down with TEC member and Founder/CEO of Regal Financial, Anthony Davenport.

What is your proudest moment at Regal Financial?

My proudest moment to date was when I found out that I obtained a book deal through a major publisher (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) which I actually got through a guy I met at a TEC event. There’s a market for people who want to learn how to manage their credit better. I’m almost done writing it and it will be published in January 2018. It’s called Your Score, and it’s been my greatest business triumph.

Anthony Davenport at a TEC event

What separates your company from those in the space? What makes it stand out to your clients?

My business is really unique. It’s a combination of multiple things that no one else really does. We have a real comprehensive approach to managing an individual’s credit, from fixing it to building it, and protecting it. There’s really no one else who does a comprehensive approach to managing credit, especially for high-profile athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and high net-worth individuals.

In what aspects has your industry, credit and finance, changed most over the last five years?

When I got into the world of credit, it was important to an individual’s life, but it wasn’t the end all-be all. In the last five years it’s really become crucial to use your credit for everything, even car insurance rates are often dictated by your FICO score now, and employment will often want to do a credit check. It’s being used in ways it never was in the past, it’s become essential in every aspect.

Tiki Barber and Anthony Davenport

What are some of the biggest day-to-day challenges in your field?

One of the biggest challenges that we have is educating people about how the credit systems work, because it’s very counterintuitive. Nobody knows how many credit cards you’re supposed to have, what the perfect credit profile looks like, what percentage of your credit cards you should use. If that’s the starting point we find it more difficult to explain other mechanisms like what affects your FICO score the most, credit card balance, and things like that.

Other than leveraging TEC, how do you entertain clients or prospects? Why do you entertain clients or what value do you derive from this practice?

I have season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets. I also have New York City FC season tickets. I do dinners on occasion. In business it’s important to create one-on-one relationships beyond the business setting, so sports and entertainment is a great way to get to know people versus just having coffee and discussing your business.

What advice would you give your 22 year old self?

Swing for the fences before you have a lot of obligations and before the stakes are even bigger.

What has been your favorite TEC event to date? What specifically made this night or moment special?

Lawrence Taylor events. I’ve been to two of them and he’s unbelievable. He needs to have his own reality show. I don’t watch reality shows, but I would watch his on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t miss it for anything, the guy is full of a million stories. Great storyteller, tells it from the heart, unbelievably interesting.

How has TEC elevated your professional relationships? Do you have one instance in particular where a TEC event catalyzed one of your professional relationships?

I always reserve the TEC events for the people who I really need to get in with. I can do coffees, lunches, dinners with the people that I need to develop a relationship with, but the TEC events are the ones I save specifically for the people I really need to develop that relationship with because it’s an event that they will never forget. It’s mind-blowing every time to see someone experience one of their favorite athletes laying a very personal experience that they aren’t going to find on TV.

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