Creating a Quoine account for the THX pre-sale: A quick guide

It takes only three steps to complete

Dear thx! community,

We are pleased to report that our token pre-sale is now open.

For the first rollout, we are focusing on limited countries in Asia and Canada. The event will start on 01 March 2019 at 9 AM (SGT) and end on 31 May 2019 at 9 AM (SGT), or when all the tokens allocated for the pre-sale are purchased.

Account creation on Quoine

To participate in the pre-sale, go to the Liquid/Quoine crypto platform. Creating an account takes only three steps.

But first, why do we need to verify your account?

We need to make sure that you’re a real person we are dealing with, not a bot. Knowing who you are helps us protect your assets and ensures we are compliant with regulatory bodies.

You will need to get your account verified to be able to withdraw funds from Liquid. We highly recommend you to get verified before you start using your account. Follow this guide to help get your documents through the first time.

Submit your documents in three easy steps, under these three categories (in bmp, jpg, png, pdf or tiff format only):

Document 1: Government-issued ID document

It could be a driver’s license, passport, national ID card, or VISA for legal stay.

Document 2: Proof of address

This should be anything official that clearly shows your name and address.

Document 3: Selfie

This must be clear and well-lit, and show all your face — the same way you would take a passport photo.

Lastly, make sure the name shown across these documents is the same name you filled in your application.

After completing these steps, your verification should be done in minutes. However, if you encounter some issues, one of our customer support teams will be in touch to help you through the process.

Go ahead and take your first steps toward crypto trading, only on Liquid. Click here to sign up!

Visit the thx! official website to get more news and updates on pre-sale activities.

Don’t forget to check us out on these platforms:



About the thx! App

The thx!© App enables people to exchange tokens of appreciation in a just few clicks, requiring no prior technical knowledge of the blockchain technology. It is as simple to use as your favorite conventional apps, like Facebook or Instagram, yet it acts as a decentralized application behind the screen. Our engineers are currently working around the clock to bring the thx!© App to the market, and our alpha version is expected to be released in the coming months. Please stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter.


Give a token of appreciation over the blockchain network!

thx! Team

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thx! Team

Give a token of appreciation over the blockchain network! |


Give a token of appreciation over the blockchain network!

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