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4 min readMay 25, 2022


May has been a busy month! Recently we were named “Startup to Watch” by Financial Times publication Sifted. And just last week we introduced two new team members to you.

And today, last but certainly not least, we introduce a new program to you focused on protocol growth. We dubbed this initiative ‘Sales Mining’. Before we get into the details of the program, first some background on why it’s needed…

Why ‘Sales Mining’ matters 👀

At this moment onboarding protocol users, and kickstarting protocol fees, is the most important metric for our growth. We see that onboarding creators and communities takes a lot of time. Both in the sales funnel and also in helping them set up their token and designing their tokenomics.

Optimizing the sales funnels is a common challenge for startups when searching for product/market fit. For more context on scaling up sales, see “THX DAO — The Road to Decentralisation — THX Network 3” (Google Docs).

To summarize; the $THX token gives our project a unique opportunity to incentivize protocol growth by offering referrals for new protocol users.

Details of Sales Mining ⛏️

The following $THX rewards are available for onboarding new protocol users;

  • 8000 $THX (about $320 at current $0.04 price per token) for a user with a Polygon mainnet deployment and protocol fee paying asset pool
  • 40.000 $THX (about $1600 at current $0.04 price per token) for a user with an mainnet deployment and protocol fee paying asset pool with more than 5.000 followers or members on any of these channels; YouTube, Twitter or Discord

This pilot has been discussed on our governance forum, check it out for further details such as monthly maximums, and our plans to automate it using our infrastructure and Discord and to decentralize it more when successful.

Submission 📥

To claim your $THX submit your referral using this Google Form:
👉 👈

If you want to discuss some details beforehand or during the submissions, we have a special channel set up in our Discord to discuss the program and any submissions, check it out #🤑sales-referrals

We’re looking forward to your submissions!

Apply for Referral Fee at the Sales Mining Program Google Form


For now, each submission will be manually checked by the core team whether it is paying protocol fees. This is to prevent spam and gaming the incentive system during the pilot phase (= two months, so the months of June and July).

Payment 👛

There is a 100.000 $THX allowance available to our multisigs in a Polygon Gnosis Safe for payments;

From this allowance, payments will be conducted monthly, right after recurring Community AMA.

About THX Network 🤜🤛

When receiving something nice, the logical reply is “thanks”! THX Network allows you to create and embed tokens in any app or website, without breaking your brain or bank.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) uses THX Network to reward engagement on their employee and policymaker platform called SparkBlue. Over 70.000 transactions and counting have been performed on behalf of UNDP users using THX Network’s infrastructure.

Engaging your audience is as easy as 1–2–3 using THX Network, from our Slide Deck for Athletes.

Explore more about the protocol;

And if you’re interested in what THX Network can do for you or your organization, schedule a demo with our cofounder Mieszko.

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We’re hiring 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑

To keep on accelerating we‘re hiring for the core team and are recruiting engaged community members for more active community roles. Check out the current open positions on our hiring page (Google Docs).

We’re hiring! For current positions check out

Jule Landwehr, Mieszko Czyzyk, Peter Polman and Natasha Schön from the THX core team, summer 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands — photo by Rudolfo Dalamicio



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