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October news, part 1

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Number #1: Ely campaign quests NPC go on holiday

For some days, we have seen complaints in Elysea stating that campaign quest NPC have dissapeared. This incidents have caused distress among low level players who got stuck at a certain level without quests or dungeons available to keep levelling up.

Image 1. Lowies talking about the absence of the NPC and waiting for it to pop up. We can also see the levels affected by the incidents on the upper-right corner of the picture.

When low level players’ patience came to an end, they decided to ask about the issue on LFG. Elysean community quickly answered back and showed us that they do not hesitate to offer their most heartfelt support to any player at any moment.

Image 2. Crazybirdflaxh tells they are stuck because they are “noobs”, which is kinda of supportive. I guess?

Number #2: Player base needs a clean up!

Day after day, deceptions carried in by Aion 6.2 continue leading players into more anger and despair. Therefore, we could read mean comments on asmo LFG again. This time people discussed if Gameforge should massively ban certain players.

Certain players included: minors and players who don’t know how to play. Because you better learn how to play and then, maybe, you play!

Image 3. Xenoviadxd explains all players who don’t know how to play should be banned.

Number #3: Tomoyoxxx was right

In Number #4 of “September news, part1”, Tomoyoxxx presented a hypothesis about how Aion is turning into a +18 game. This week, an ely reporter has found more proof that backs up our big-breast friend’s sayings.

Image 4. Ely quest text looking “suspicious”. Even this text alone doesn’t demonstrate anything, if we click on “Lugar Solitario (=Lonely place)”, a window will pop up explaning what it is.
Image 5. The “Lonely place” is “the perfect place to touch the Lunar flute”. Now go touch your lunar flute to a lonely place.

Judge by yourself… but we do side with Tomoyoxxx: we think an era marked by depravation is imminent.

Number #4: Ely Shugolinds rebel too

Following the example of their asmodian brothers, ely Shugolinds revolted to fight back for their lives. They have done so under two different approaches.

One pack of shugos decided to trench on a palm tree to avoid being killed by ely Daevas tasked with shugo extermination quests. We don’t know if they if they are being poked by the palm tree’s leaves: they seem dry and pointy.

The other pack includes shugos that have resign to pressure. However, they have decided to end their lives by themselves, jumping off from high spots.

Image 6. Shugo ethnic cleanse continues in Elysea, leaving behind scenes as tragic as this one: shugos on a palm tree with no space wanting to live, shugos wanting to jump off.

Number #5: One asmo per four elys

It’s not new that asmo population is lower than ely in Hellion. However, the characteristics of this patch and siege zone’s terrain are making the problem bigger: it’s impossible for asmos to attack effectively even if they organize because every single player has way too much HP.

This has cast a pesimistic atmosphere on Asmodia, peaking when Blackdraco counted how many asmos and elys were online at siege time.

Image 7. Official count of asmos vs. elys at siege time. Numbers refer to online people who can be or cannot be participating in siege activities.

Even with this, there’s always hope. We asmos have someone elys will never have. Kanarya is our only shaft breaking through the darkest darkness, bringing us hope. They’ll never ever get that away from us.

Number #6: Galeas lies to Spanish community

Galeas finally speaks up about recent expulsion of Orquidea|Negra and Hanna, board admin and moderator of Aion Spanish official forum. He did so by making up a lie that didn’t last long and was exposed very fast by Dax.

Image 8. Galeas says the poorest lie I have ever seen and remains calm about it. Quicky, Daxking cast doubt on his statement , making perfectly clear that he’s lying.

This incident make us ask ourselves something, does Galeas really think Spanish community would believe that little lie? Mister Galeas, at least be more creative because we Spanish are way to used to hear simple lies.

Number #7: European abyss ranks on the stake

New update has also wrecked honour points system. Gainings are too low to maintain abyss ranks. Consequently, all factions from all servers are losing rapidly all ranked players.

Image 9. Results of running algorithms of, that downloads information from all high ranks from 50 to 50 persons. We can see no faction has 300 players anymore.
Image 10. Results of running algorithms of, showing there are few to no ranks at all in new servers. Will xform become something from a distant past?

Hellion’s situation is the most allarming at the moment: there aren’t even 100 people on asmo’s rank list.

Image 11. Hellion server. Asmos: 82 xform; Elyos: they still have 100, but… who know for how long?

Number #8: Changes in the Pop Culture Icon list

  1. We changed Los Pepes’ faction to “Both” instead of “¿?” so it is clear that they used to play on one side or another when they were active players.
  2. Kanarya is now linked to his article.
  3. Los Pepes get a link too.
  4. Maldicion’s nickname is now translated to English. So are Nauneth and Krauch ones.

You can consult how the list looks like now by clicking here.



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