Play and Play with Arts

798 Art Zone / Beijing, China / Photograph by Tica, 2014 Summer

798 Art Zone was originally the place of wireless joint equipment factories since 1957, with Bauhaus architectural style. After the factories were no longer functioning, they gradually transformed to serve as ateliers of some artists, escaping from destiny of being torn down. Since 2000, more and more art galleries, museums, companies and constitutions entered this area, forming a special art community and became famous as 798 Art Zone.

798 Art Zone occupies a really large area, and there are a plenty of fancy sculptures and decorations inside the place. Besides, more and more businesses of arts, including souvenir shops, brand shops, restaurants, galleries and museums, expand in the zone, keeping out most artists who came at early stage.

During my trip in Beijing and visit of 798 Art Zone, I considered this area more entertaining than artistic. Visitors could visit galleries and museums, take photos with funny public sculptures, have lunch in the area and buy souvenirs and handmade products.

From my point of view, the zone has become a place for tourists to play with arts rather than for artists to produce works. Nevertheless, it still provides a place for non-artistic people to touch art works that are seldom presented to them. And it is the best way to spread the value of arts by making it fun and close to us.

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