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5 Articles By Market Experts You Can’t Miss — a Roundup by tickertape

If not advice, we can always do with insights from experts. After all, it gives us a fresh perspective of things and helps dodge avoidable mistakes and risks. Above all else, we wanted to give quality and actionable content to you.

That’s what encouraged us to invite industry experts to share their insights on Blog by tickertape. And now, here’s a roundup of five expert-written articles that you loved the most in 2021. You can read the entire article by clicking on the links given at the end of each excerpt.

1. Fantasy Players Not Turning Out To Be Valuable? Here Are 5 Stocks Our Experts Have Curated for You by Divam Sharma

Divam Sharma is the founder and CEO of Green Portfolio, has formerly worked as an analyst at CitiBank, IMGC and Kotak Mahindra Bank and has over 15 yrs of experience in investment management in the stock market.

Fantasy Players has been all the rage. But in the end, it is a bet, and you run the risk of losing the entire capital. So, if you are looking for better avenues to make wealth, why not capitalise on India’s growth story? Our country is in a growth phase in multiple sectors. New technologies, CAPEX cycles, and supportive policy regimes create a multi-decadal growth setup for corporate India.

Read five expert stock picks that you can consider for long-term growth.

1. Salzer Electronics Ltd

  • Has steady primary business with engagement in wires and cables, which is forecasted to grow with industrial development in the country.
  • Has ventured into the Indian EV industry to export charging units instead of selling them domestically.

Salzer Electronics Ltd is a part of Smallcap Compounders smallcase.

2. CESC Ltd

  • It distributes power in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. It has a broad portfolio of power generation with an aggregate capacity of 2,500 MW.
  • The distribution business of CESC delivers a high return on equity along with steady growth.

CESC (Calcutta Energy Supply Corporation) is a part of High Quality Right Price smallcase.

3. Jubilant Pharmova Ltd

  • Revenue is expected to be influenced by a healthy increase in the generics segment due to sales of Remedesivir.
  • Operating margins are expected to remain healthy above 25% over the medium term, with a healthy new product pipeline and steady growth in specialised pharma and CDMO business.

Jubilant Pharmova Ltd is a part of High Quality Right Price smallcase.

Continue to read more insights on the above stocks and two other shares picked by Divam Sharma.

2. Significance of Alpha and Beta of Stock by Sonam Shrivastava

Sonam Srivastava is the Founder and CEO of Wright Research. Sonam has more than 9 yrs of professional experience in systematic portfolio management and quantitative trading.

The alpha and beta values are ways to explain the characteristics of stock returns. Understanding these numbers will give you extra dimensions to your stock selection journey. A stock with high alpha is always preferable, but alpha is fleeting and gets quickly arbitraged away.

A good stock picker understands the rationale behind the alpha and can time the participation in high alpha stocks based on the opportunity. The beta exposure is preferable based on the market. When the markets are trending, the high beta stocks will do better, but when markets tank, the high beta stocks will crash more, and low beta stocks will start to look more attractive.

Continue to read how the alpha and beta of stock can influence its returns.

Continue reading Why Markets Are Falling by Harsh Vora’ by Harsh Vora, ‘Tired of Chasing Fantasy Stocks? Here Are 5 Stock Picks Based on Scientific Investing Style’ by Vikas Gupta, and ‘How often should you rebalance your portfolio’ by Amit Kumar Gupta.




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