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5 Financial Articles You Should Read Before 2021 Ends — a Roundup by tickertape

1. Top Penny Stocks in India in 2021: Shares To Buy Between 1 To 10 Rupees

Ultra penny stocks are ‘win or bust’ bargains for you. On the upside, they have the potential to yield multibagger returns within a few trading sessions. While on the downside, they can cause a severe dent in your invested value.

Stocks trading at a particularly low value and having a small market capitalisation are called ultra penny stocks. These stocks are usually priced lower than Rs. 10 and don’t account for substantial trading volumes. Even a sizable spike can trigger the circuit in ultra penny stocks on the upper and lower sides.

Limited available information accompanied by factors like dried-up liquidity, bigger bid-ask spread formation and fewer investors, makes ultra penny stocks a high-risk investment. Moreover, fundamental insights of ultra-penny stocks are scarce, and most of them turn out to be fundamentally weak, causing the investors to pull out their stakes.

Continue to read how to pick the best ultra-penny stocks under Rs. 10 and a list of top stocks to buy under Rs. 10.

2. It’s Raining New Filters on tickertape!

With over 3,000 stocks listed on NSE, deciding which ones to invest in can be challenging. One of the easy ways to find stocks to invest in is to filter them using certain parameters. A short-term investor would prefer technical indicators, whereas a long-term investor would want to judge a company by its business profitability metrics.

In addition to the existing 200+ filters, we added 46 filters to our intelligent stock Screener to help you get near-perfect results. The new filters belong to various categories such as profitability, ownership, price-volume, broker ratings, technical indicators, and so on.

Below are the new category-wise additions:

Financial ratios

1. Inventory Turnover Ratio: Cost of goods sold of a company divided by average inventory over the past two financial years

2. Asset Turnover Ratio: Total revenue of a company divided by average total assets over the past two financial years

3. Days of Inventory Outstanding: Average number of days a company holds inventory before turning it into sales

Continue to read the remaining new filters that can give you a better screening experience.

3. These New Tools Make Evaluating Mutual Funds Better

At tickertape, we are continuously on the lookout to make your investment analysis on our platform better and more meaningful. We strive to provide quality data and intuitive tools to analyse different assets. In line with this, we recently released a new set of features on our Mutual Funds Pages. Let’s look at these and how they can refine your Mutual Funds analysis experience.

1. Fund manager information

One of the popular reasons why mutual funds have gained traction is professional management. Every scheme is managed by an expert called the “fund manager”, responsible for allocating investors’ money across various underlying instruments such as stocks and bonds. Hence, they are ultimately responsible for the returns you earn from your Mutual Fund investments.

Therefore, evaluating the fund manager’s experience and performance becomes essential when choosing the right mutual fund to invest in.

a. One, the Overview section on our Mutual Funds Pages. Here, you can find basic information like the fund manager’s name, years of experience in the financial markets, and the total number of funds they have managed to date.

b. If you want to further dive into who manages your money, we have introduced a new dedicated Fund Manager tab. Here, you can further dive into the credentials of the fund manager managing your money. You can see details like the total AUM managed by the fund manager across all funds, their educational qualifications, their experience, and the details of the other funds they have managed.

Continue to read other tools that make evaluating mutual funds better than ever.

Continue to read ‘What Is the Intrinsic Value of a Stock and How To Calculate It?’ and ‘Fundamental Analysis Of Stocks: Definition and How To Analyse Stocks’.




Tickertape is a one-stop platform for information about Stocks, Mutual Funds, Indices, and ETFs. From discovering stocks that fit investor specific criteria to evaluating and timing the entry or exit for picked stocks, Tickertape enables smarter investments at every step.

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