The Fault in our Stubs — fantastic beasts and legitimate butts

You show up to the venue and as you approach your seat, you experience that slightly surreal moment when you see that someone has placed their butt where your butt should be. There is that awkward moment where you stand, looming over the person, eyes scanning your ticket then searching the section and row that is etched in permanence into the concrete. Finally, you scrutinize the face of the seat usurper for a sign — a tell if you will, that they in fact know that their butt does not belong where your butt should be. This moment coincides with a strange, guttural sound coming from the depths of your diaphragm “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.” And then your voice takes a sharp turn and reaches an octave that you didn’t know you had: “I THINK you’re in my seat?” You turn to your partner to have them verify as witness that the tickets indeed match the seat that the foreign butt is in. The seat appropriator pulls out their ticket like it is a weapon, challenging you to a duel, forcefully pushing out the words “SIR, I do believe YOU are wrong, for it is MY ticket that bares the the seat, row and section in which I sit.”

The stand off ensues until you both reckon with reality and realize that there must be a power beyond the two of you that has the answers you seek. Thus, you and your seat Doppleganger are fatefully entwined and must set off on a quest to rectify this injustice and once and for all find out who’s butt is the legitimate butt.

Ticket fraud is one of those beasts that can ruin someones week and, as much as it pains us to say this, resolving it or getting a satisfactory answer is not always the outcome. 3rd party providers, buying tickets on classified sites or even buying from an acquaintance can create the chaos laid out above. We receive countless emails from people who have bought their tickets from 3rd parties only to find that the ticket is invalid, that their seat is already sold or that they paid more for the ticket. Someone needs to answer and logic would dictate that the ticket provider, whose name is on the ticket, is the culprit.

This situation is among the many that ticket holders find themselves and they can be undeniably frustrating. Other such beautiful beasts you may encounter might be a cancellation due to a category five hurricane, an aggressive drizzle or performer conundrums (think border issues).

All of these suck and all of them we understand. We get it. I know you may not want to believe this but we do. And why can I say this with incredible and infallible self assurance? Because we love a good party too. Before we became Ticket Rocket we had all encountered one or more of these beasts and we know that there is an element of powerlessness, annoyance and/or sheer rage associated with having to deal with unexpected explosion of your plans.

When faced with these beasts there are things that you can do to make sure you are always the legitimate butt or prepared for the eventuality of a dreaded cancellation:

  1. Buy your tickets from the official ticket provider — This ensures that you are getting the one and only ticket available for that seat and that you are paying the lowest price. We can only guarantee tickets sold by Ticket Rocket and if you chose to buy off a coupon site know that site is responsible for that ticket.
  2. Keep your tickets on your phone. Please don’t post a picture of your newly printed ticket on social media, complete with the barcode. Barcodes work on the basis of scanning and it doesn’t matter which form it is in, if it’s scannable its usable.
  3. Buy tickets online and have them sent to your email address. Will Call maybe an option but for 100% security going digital is always the safest bet.

Additionally, to mitigate the agony of a cancelled show:

  1. Read the fine print and come to accept that fine print is there for a very good and very legally binding reason. The singularly human battle we all face with fine print is reading it but will give you all sorts of great information like issues regarding refunds and cancellations
  2. Find out when the postponement date is. This is going to be really, really important if you are travelling to see a show. If the show is outdoors remember that weather is a thing and it can shut down an event. Factor the postponement date into your plans whether you are traveling or not.
  3. Keep all your information, including a copy of your tickets so if you have to go through the process of acquiring a refund you don’t end up emailing us with all caps “BUT I BOUGHT THE TICKETS!!!!!!! CAN’T YOU JUST FIND ME!!!!!.” (legit real email we receive on the regular) — No, Mr. John Smith I cannot find you because there are 5 of you.
  4. Buy your ticket from the official ticket provider only. If the show gets outright cancelled and you have bought your ticket from a coupon site or an ad on Craigslist you will be out of luck. We do not have your money — Joe from Craigslist or the coupon site does. *This is the number one cause of people loosing their damned minds. We understand you want your money back and we wish he had it, but we simply don’t.

What we would like you to take away from this is that we are sincere in our efforts to make your event experience the best it can be. It is why we were founded and why continue to listen to our clients and customers and look for ways to improve. We have countless pow-wows throughout the day that are aimed at how we can streamline our processes, educate our publics and holistically enhance our relationships with both the organizer and the guest. We are the ticket provider, not the organizer or the venue; we help these entities to put their best performance forward and have the tools to make sure that the legitimate butt is in its legitimate seat.

There will be more duels, more hurricanes and more emails sent in all caps and for everyone one of these situations we will be prepared. The ticketing universe is much like the cosmic one: it is vast and tricksy, a little scary and full of things we don’t know about yet; but we are getting there and learning along the way. However, just like how in space an unexpected meteor shower can demolish a space craft, so too can a rain shower demolish your plans.