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Hot sex is created only when you’re willing to get a little naughty. If you want to be BAD, check out these hot sex suggestions — they’re on FIRE!

The common saying “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets” is the kind of woman that every man is after. He wants someone with that wholesome exterior so he can take her home to mom and get the seal of approval. However, once mommy is out of the equation, he wants that same woman to be able to turn it on in the bedroom and give him pleasure so good, it should be illegal.

If you are usually the good girl in all dimensions of your relationship, including bedroom play, have you ever thought of kicking things up a notch? Wouldn’t you like to be bad? Every woman likes a bad boy, so doesn’t every woman want to be a bad girl? If you are going to go ahead with reading then you better be prepared to be bad.

During sex and when you are feeling extra naughty, there are five hot sex tricks that will easily send your man over the edge. If you thought you were able to give him an explosive orgasm before, wait until you unleash these tips on him.

1. Scratching

When your man is on top of you in the missionary position, a good girl might lie there and take it, caressing his back occasionally and not doing much else. If a bad girl is getting it in the missionary position, she is going to use her free hands to her advantage. Men like it rough because men are built tough. They can handle a little pain and it usually translates into pleasure. To be bad during hot sex, use those nails and scratch him down his back. The pain will transfer into a tingly sensation down his entire back, sending chills throughout his whole body, making him way harder inside of you.

2. Biting

The same goes for using your teeth in the bedroom. Of course, you don’t want to take things too far and draw blood but a little nibble is always appreciated. Biting on his ear lobe while moaning into it will give him that little boost of pleasure and pain. Biting on his bottom lip after kissing him passionately will give him that same feeling. If you think we can handle it, take things a step further and bite his nipples slightly. A man’s nipples are actually more sensitive than a woman’s so do be careful but still be bad.

3. Light Choking

While you are on top, riding your man in the cowgirl position and after you scratch him with your nails, move your hands up to his neck and choke him a little. Now, be careful with this because you don’t want to take it too far. You only want to give him that little sense of “I am in control” and that he is helpless beneath you. You don’t want to obstruct his breathing so lightly wrap your fingers around his neck and gently squeeze. Even if it is a small sensation for him, he will totally think it’s hot and kinky. Bonus!

4. Work Your Hips

When good girls have sex, they don’t get into that deep grind and really give it to their men. If you are going to hone in on your inner bad girl, then you need to work those hips. While on top, good girls will lightly bounce up and down, putting on a show more than feeling pleasure. Good girls will do what they think benefits their man more. Bad girls are the opposite. Bad girls are going to do everything they can to make sure THEY have an orgasm. When you are on top, learn to move your hips in a different motion. Get on top of him and grind on him in deep, sensual circles. You will know it is working and that you are taking your sex level to a whole new level by the look on his face.

5. Expose Yourself

Good girls tend to hide themselves in the bedroom but bad girls are so carefree and they want to be seen. Have hot sex with the lights on or in a nicely lit room. Let your man see all of you and that means ALL of you. Let him take you from behind, spread your cheeks and see everything. Men are visual and they need to have that stimulation. If you give it to him in this sense, you will be surprised to see just how fast he ejaculates. Seeing what is going on makes all the difference to him. Put your shyness away because you are a bad girl now.

Now, get on with your bad self and show your man a whole new side of you tonight. That is, if you dare.

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