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Sex is always better when you’re on a trip, right? Why. Several reasons actually — here’s how to re-create super hot vacay sex right now!

Clean Up The Bedroom — Or The Whole House

Hotels and vacation resorts are almost always clean — at least, cleaner than your house after the kids have ran through it. Stepping into a perfectly clean hotel room at the start of your vacation is always relaxing, and sets the mood for great nookie later. After all, it is hard to have erotic foreplay when someone steps on a Barbie.

Bring that feeling to your house by giving it a really good clean while your spouse is away at work. (Of course, it’s a lot of trouble taking off work yourself, but you take time off work for a vacation, don’t you?) When your lover walks in, it should look and smell clean and completely different than when they left. They’ll be amazed — and so glad that they don’t have to do it that they’ll be game for almost anything.

Wash The Sheets And Towels

Yes, this probably should go under “cleaning up.” However, washing the sheets (heck, even springing for new sheets if you’ve got the cash) and towels is so important that it deserves its own section. One of the reasons that hotel sex is so great is that the bed is clean — that is, if you’re in a good hotel. They smell clean, and the next day, they’re clean again. And again. No matter how many times you have sex in the bed, the sheets are always clean when you get in! That’s actually really erotic for a woman.

Eat At A Nice Restaurant First (Or Order In)

Think about what you do to eat on vacation that is different from how you eat at home. Are you always ordering out at home? Then dress up and go out for a nice meal at a romantic, sit down restaurant. Are you always going out to eat at home or cooking and cleaning up a huge mess in the kitchen? Order in. Do you go out on vacation but not at home? Go out. You get the picture.

Food is very sensual and plays a big part in the seduction process, especially if it’s really delicious and you get to enjoy it slowly, perhaps with your favorite drink. That is often what makes vacations so great is that there will usually be some new and exciting dining experiences. Plan a new and exciting dining experience at home, and you’re well on your way to re-creating the sexual magic.

Serve Champagne In An Ice Bucket

Room service is incredibly romantic if you can afford it — and a lot of people splurge on room service when they’re on a trip. There’s little more romantic than seeing your partner in a fluffy robe, opening a bottle of champagne and enjoying it. Serve strawberries or chocolate covered strawberries with it for an extra romantic touch.

The point is, you’re doing something that is usually reserved for special occasions, vacations and the like (when the sex is always better). Do you serve champagne in an ice bucket regularly at home? Probably not. If you have kids, Kool-Aid and sweet tea are the house wines.

Romantic Bubble Bath? Yes, Please!

Often, couples will take a romantic bubble bath at a hotel when on a trip, but not at home. Why is that? Is it because the hotel bathtub is a lot bigger? Possibly, but you probably still fit fine in your bathtub at home. Is it because there is new bubble bath in a pristine wrapper on the ledge of the tub just waiting for you to use it? In all actuality, that is very likely.

Splurge a little on a nice bubble bath and don’t open it — just set it on the ledge of the tub. Throw in some rose petals if you want, and bring the ice bucket with champagne over. Enjoy a romantic, sensual bubble bath with your lover at home! Want it to really feel like you’re away? Play some white noise — a fire crackling or the ocean with seagulls in the background. This will make you feel like you’ve been totally transported away! Don’t forget to have a quickie in the shower the next morning!

Do It In The Guest Room

Or anywhere besides your bed, really. If the sheets aren’t washed, or you just want the maximum “vacay” effect, get it on somewhere other than where you usually do — and for most couples, that is the bedroom. The guest bedroom is a great option, because most likely, the sheets in there are already clean.

Being somewhere other than your bed will make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely — and that’s what turns the heat up! If you don’t have a guest room, there are lots of other great places to have sex in your house — almost anywhere!

Go Tropical — Or A Cozy Winter Theme

When you’re on a trip, the “theme” effect is in full swing. People usually either go to the beach or somewhere cold like a ski resort — and they often either go in the summer or winter to boot. Help recreate the vacation feel by going with a theme. If it’s warm outside, go with a beach theme.

Make margaritas or pina coladas, use coconut scented lotion after a bath and burn a tropical scented candle or incense. If you’re going for a winter theme, hot chocolate next to a fire (or a fake fire set up on your laptop) and cozy cuddling are definitely in order.

Wait, Doesn’t This Sound Like Any Old Regular Date Night?

A lot of this sounds like what you might do for any regular date night. A nice meal, a romantic bubble bath — yes, this all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Problem is that a lot of couples wait until they’re on a trip to actually have a date night! They may go six months without ever having a date, until freeing up their workload by going on vacation. That’s when the magic happens.

Instead, free up your workload for a day without planning on a trip. Make reservations at a brand new restaurant that you’ve never tried, and have Grandma babysit the kids. Make time for that date night — real, honest-to-goodness time and the sex will be explosive!

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