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Jimmyjane is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the HELLO line, HELLO TOUCH X featuring electro stimulation & vibration. HELLO TOUCH X is the first vibrator to put both vibration and electro stimulation at your fingertips. With just one vibrator, couples can how explore two completely different exhilarating experiences. Learn how to eXperiment and eXplore erotic electro stimulation here.

What is Electro Stimulation

Electro stimulation uses the bodies natural flow of electrons to deliver pulsating currents to your nerve endings causing muscle contractions- which can be intensely orgasmic The sensations of eclectic stimulation can travel deep into the body, beyond the contact area of the electrodes, allowing sensations to be felt deep within the body. Contrary to what many people initially think, electro stimulation is safe, and can be very pleasurable

History of Electro Stimulation

Electrical currents have been used to manage pain since ancient Roman times when it was reported Scibonium Largus, physician to Emperor Claudius, used electric fish for pain treatment. Modern electro stimulation products were introduced into the market in the 1950s and in the 1960’s the Relax-a-ciser was marketed towards women, which used electrical stimulation to tone the body and eliminate cellulite. In the 1980’s erotic electro stimulation devices emerged, and now in January 2015 Jimmyjane has introduced HELLO TOUCH X as an approachable introduction to erotic electro stimulation for pleasure seekers

Electro Stimulation For Pleasure

What most of us don’t think about is that we are all living and breathing batteries. Our bodies are made up of energy and constantly use electrical currents to exchange information from our nerves to our brain. Thus, electro stimulation can feel very natural. Our bodies and senses love duality. Sweet and salty, hot and cold, and electro stimulation provides this duality with direct intimate contact and the tingle sensation. The electro stimulation sensation is a unique way to add a new experience to your relationship as it awakens the nerves under the surface of the skin and has been shown to increase blood flow through the body, heightening sense of touch pleasure and arousal.

Vaginal Electro Stimulation

Vaginal Electro Stimulation has been shown to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) are known to play an important role in sexual function. Electrical stimulation can also have positive effects on women’s desire, lubrication, sexual satisfaction and pain. It causes an increase in vaginal blood flow and an increase in genital sensation, which is why reserchers have found that electro stimulation can improve female arousal, orgasm and libido.

At Jimmyjane, we don’t want to inflict pain, however there is a very thin degree of separation between pain and pleasure. In fact, an orgasm is both this sense of buildup and pain and then an orgasmic release. We hope you are eXcited to eXplore this new erotic sensation.



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